Manitou Magnum Pro 29+ Fork: Customer Review

A good customer of ours Jerry is reporting live from some trail in Michigan with some breaking news on his Manitou Magnum Pro 29+ Fork. Let’s see what he has to say.

Manitou Magnum Pro 29+ Fork Review
Hi, it’s Jerry, your all-time favorite customer, reporting from the dirt on the Manitou Magnum Pro 29+ front suspension. I paired the fork with a Miami green 2016 Trek Stache 5 for a great trail experience. Right out of the box the fork looks good. It’s easy to install if you remember to measure twice (ok six times) before you cut that steerer tube. Initial set up is easy. Start out following the recommended settings which are included, and hit the trail.

I love single track and ride about 2500 miles a year. After about 60 miles on the fork here is what I learned. Don’t over inflate your tires, you went plus for a reason. I run 14 psi in the back and 12 in front and I weigh 175lbs. I am also seeing, like others, that you can run the pressure in the fork about 10-15 psi under the recommended setting, and then play with the rebound adjustment. This smooths out the small bumps on the trail and still gives you enough travel to suck up those 12 to 18 inch rock and root drops on your cross country adventure.

I went from a rigid carbon fork to the Manitou Magnum and was initially concerned with the added weight, but my lap times have not suffered because I descend with more confidence as the front wheel stays more connected to the trail. If you are looking for a smooth operator with enough features to customize your trail experience, the Manitou Magnum Pro could be the fork for you. Now stop reading reviews, get out and get dirty on your local trails or epic adventure. Reporting from the dirt, Jerry.

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August 17, 2017

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