Magura MT7 Pro Disc Brake: Rider Review

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When you think of the brand Magura, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the styling? The looks? Maybe even how expensive they could be? How about stopping power? Well, after I was lusting after a pair of Magura MT7 Pro Disc Brakes I decided to pull the trigger and see what these raved about brakes are all about and if they can provide better braking power than the top competitors. 

Magura MT7 Pro Disc Brake


The first thing that comes to mind for me is stopping power for these Magura MT7 Pro brakes and there is definitely no slouch in braking power when you hookup the stunning looking Magura HC Rotors with the set. Combined with Magura's Carbotecture Technology these brakes are insanely light for being 4 piston calipers!

I originally ordered these brakes from Worldwide Cyclery one day and literally the next day the called me saying they are ready for pickup because I chose the In-store pickup option at checkout. I absolutely love how fast there shipping is and there amazing customer service!

I've been a SRAM guy all my life. My Fezzari Abajo Peak came stock with SRAM Level brakes, offering extremely little modulation and not so great lever feel on my trail bike and that just wasn't enough power for me so I knew the first mod I had to do was brakes. That's when I started my research. I was thinking about getting Code RSC's, G2's, even Guide Ultimate's but when I saw the way the Magura's looked with all the modulation, lever feel, customisability, how light they are, and the fact that you can change the color of the rings on the outside of the caliper, pushed me right at Magura.

Magura MT7 Pro Disc Brakes

Since I purchased the Magura MT7 Pro Disc Brakes, I couldn't be more pleased with the performance I get out of these brakes. The second upon receiving these brakes I went straight to installing them right in my garage (and at this time I did not even own a Magura bleed kit) and I didn't even need to bleed the brakes because they somehow just worked. But once I purchased my own Magura Bleed Kit to bleed it myself ( Because bike shops charge $20 per side to bleed your brakes) I figured I could do it myself for cheaper, better and faster, I realized at that point had I truly unlocked the full potential of these 4 piston Magura's. And I can tell you that the moment was a very special moment for me because I could stop a train with these brakes, I swear! It was almost like I was in shock for the rest of that day. And then the next day I went for the first ride on them and let me tell you... You stop on dimes, these brakes are that powerful.

Magura MT7 Pro Disc Brake

Final Thoughts:

I find I'm riding faster and braking later with the Magura MT7 Pro Disc Brakes. They are amazing brakes, and I'm planning on running them on all of my bikes in the future. The fact that you can change out the lever if wanted, the color of the logo on the lever body, or the rings on the caliper also just make these brakes that much more cool for your bike. Easy to install, easy to bleed, you could say I wont stop until all my bikes have Magura MT7 Pro Dic Brakes. 

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December 03, 2019

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