Magura MT7 Raceline Disc Brake and Lever [Rider Review]

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The bright yellow calipers that Magura is known for or a staple for high performance brakes. Their MT7 raceline brakes are a system that a lot of racers sought out for. Our customer, Jean has been running them. See what they think!!

Magura MT7 Raceline Disc Brake and Lever


Well, what can I say? These Magura MT7 brakes are simply amazing, offering the perfect balance between power and modulation. I think there’s really no match from any brand to the performance, power, modulation and exceptional braking that Magura MT7 deliver. They are really a game-changing set of brakes!

With these kind of brakes, you can’t go cheap and you need to buy the best brake pads available for the best brakes. For me, that's none other than original Magura Performance brake pads which have great durability, extraordinary braking power, no sounds at all, and all of this on any weather conditions you ride (sun, cold, rain, snow, etc!).

Magura MT7 Raceline Disc Brake and Lever

I have also tried my Magura Danny Macaskill with the Magura racing pads and I really can’t justify the money difference against the Magura performance pads. The Magura performance pads just make the job perfectly! 

Final Thoughts

As always, Worldwide Cyclery and their great customer service made this possible delivering these brake pads to my door in no time! Great work guys! Keep it up! The Magura MT5 are well worth the money!

Magura MT7 Raceline Disc Brake and Lever

May 25, 2023

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