Lezyne Flow Bottle Cage Side Loader: Rider Review

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Staying hydrated is crucial if you want to maintain consistency on the mountain bike. When it comes to bottle cages, Lezyne is one of the top dogs. Our customer Dan picked up a Lezyne Flow bottle cage and is here with his thoughts. Check it out!

Lezyne Flow bottle cage rider review


Water is pretty neat. You need it. I need it. There is even some of it in beer. MMmmM- Beer. That’s why, when I purchased a new frame (my first with a water bottle mount) I jumped onto my computer, and klick-klacked away at my keyboard to find the appropriate bottle cage for my sweet new mountain bike.

While I may differ from you, when I go on shorter bike rides or to trail centers with lap-able runs, I prefer not having to have a backpack or fanny pack. Something about them throws off my feel for shifting my bodyweight around the bike. This is why I am a big fan of having a mount on the bike, that allows you to move your weight around the bike.

First Impressions

This specific mount has a really good look to it. I purchased a carbon fiber frame with a raw finish, and the colour of this mount is complimentary, with slightly glossy finish. Now that I think about it, being monochrome with an attractive finish, this mount would look good on any frame colour, material, or finish.

The construction of it seems both simple, as well as well thought out. Weight has obviously been trimmed away in all the places materials are not needed. The manufacturing also looks like they have fairly tight tolerances, especially for one at this price level.

Lezyne Flow bottle cage rider review

Pros and Cons

A major positive to the design of the Lezyne Flow cage, is the unique nature of a “side load” system. Many people with tight inner frame designs may find that conventional bottle mounts would lead much to be desired. Not this bad boy! Allows you to efficiently slam that water bottle back in place after that hellish hill climb, or before dropping in to that tech line you’ve been dreaming of, that you probably(?) are ready for.

The only negative that can come to mind, is that I do not particularly like the idea of mount screws with a Philips screwdriver head. While most things feel very high end with this cage, I can’t help but feel that it is worthy of an hex/allen key tightening so that we are less likely to strip the bolt into our shiny, nice bike frames

Final Thoughts

I’ve enjoyed riding around with it on my bike, and having a bottle cage on this new frame has definitely upped my trail ride game. I’ve had absolutely zero issues with how secure the water bottle is, even when going through the chunk. Whereas I used to leave the car without a bottle, (as I found carrying one to be too fussy) I find myself easily choosing to fill one up and put it in- likely preventing a bunch of trip ending water “bonks”.

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July 10, 2020

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