Ergon SM Pro Saddle Titanium: Rider Review

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There are only a few contact points between you and the bike. Some of which you can get away with something that's not optimal. The saddle is not one of those components to skimp on especially on a long ride. Our friend Brad shares his experience with the Ergon SM Pro Small/Medium Titanium saddle. Check it out!

Ergon SM Pro Saddle Small/Medium Titanium Rider Review


The Ergon SM Pro Titanium saddle is the perfect seat, in my opinion. Starting off. Of all things when building a bike, I dread replacing or installing saddles, for whatever weird reason. I feel like everyone has their random parts that just get the best of them! It took a few minutes to install, very straightforward and I didn’t get worked up once. Maybe I’ve just done it enough times now to make it a smoother install. Very easy to adjust your angles as well once it’s all put together and tightened. 

I have the small/medium and it suits me very well. I had a WTB Volt on my setup last season, i loved it don’t get me wrong, but wanted to try the Ergon out. Initial thoughts, had slightly less padding than my Volt, or feels like it anyways, but the design of this seat doesn’t make you miss extra padding. The color is great for anyone looking for a no frills, simple looking black saddle. It looks sharp with the black on black, non-white lettering. Slim profile as well adds to the sleekness. I’m not a huge “weigh all my parts” guy but it feels plenty light even without the carbon rails like the Ergon Road saddle. Can’t imagine anyone concerned with weight would hate this seat.

Ergon SM Pro Saddle Small/Medium Titanium Rider Review

A quick bike ride around the neighborhood, it rides great. Nothing uncomfortable about when sitting for long periods. It wasn’t crazy hot out, so the cut out that we all have fun names for wasn’t as effective as I’d have thought. Again, it was a quick ride to get a feel for height, angles, all that jazz. Fast forward a couple days the rain set in for a couple days and finally when trails opened up, it was nice eland humid. Hit a local trail with an 18 mile singletrack loop. That day was plenty warm and the cutout served its purpose! Kept me nice and cool with some airflow down below.

Ergon SM Pro Saddle Small/Medium Titanium Rider Review

I have a dropper this sits on so I’m reviewing it based on that. It was easy to maneuver around this saddle. It didn’t catch on any shorts during descends or when getting low in a turn. Was plenty comfortable even after almost 20 miles and I skipped my bike shorts. I wasn’t sore the next day, granted I wasn’t doing a ton of pedaling while sitting down, usually I’d find a slight discomfort after several days of no riding. I’m not sure how it would stand up for cross country riders, but I’d say with a a good set of shorts, it would deliver very well.
Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase. The price might be a factor for some, but for a bike, a great saddle goes a long way. I used to overlook them but after grabbing this one, I can easily see why people go into the 3 digit price for saddles.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of seats that are spendier I’ve seen and ridden that don’t come close to the Ergon SM Pro in comfortability and maneuverability. For anyone looking to upgrade their ride, give this seat some thought. Having a comfy bottom helps for longer rides, definitely this saddle in warmer climates. I’m very happy with this purchase and would have a very hard time riding anything else at this point.

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July 11, 2020

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