KETL Men's Delta Short and Summit Jersey : Rider Review

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Riding gear is pretty important for avid cyclists. When you are spending a lot of time outside in the elements constantly moving, you want something that is comfortable to wear. KETL is a brand dedicated the providing that comfort while still offering a quality piece of apparel that will last you a long time. Our boy Sean had to try it out for himself to see what the hype was about. Let's see what his thoughts were:

Sean's Review

I'm pretty particular about the gear I wear when riding, and I've started this process over the past year of trying to thin out the kits - quality over quantity is the goal. And while there are a ton of incredible mountain biking clothing brands, for me, KETL takes the cake! I discovered their gear a few years back, and since have had a hard time investing in any other brand. When you're spending north of $100 for shorts and north of $50 for a jersey, they better be good in my opinion, and while KETL isn't the most premium-priced brand out there, it's still expensive.

KETL Delta Short and Summit Jersey

I've tried shorts from competing brands before (Kitsbow, Pearl Izumi, etc.), but for me, the fit is better with KETL gear. It's tailored, but not too tailored. There's no problem with fitting knee pads under the shorts, and the length is perfect with just a little bit of calf coverage! The material is durable and while I haven't taken a huge fall in them, I have a few pairs of their Delta Shorts from a year ago, and they're still holding up great! There are only two pockets on the shorts, but the placement is right on. They're also zippered pockets, and I typically will put my phone in one of them and have no issues. I don't even notice it when riding. Pro tip - make sure the phone screen is facing outward. One time I had it inward, and between all the moving and I'm assuming the screen coming in contact with my leg, it thought I was in an emergency situation. After the ride, I unzipped the pocket to find 10 missed calls each from my wife and mom! Not sure if anyone else has had that issue before when riding with your phone in your pocket, but definitely something to look out for. The shorts also have adjustable waist straps that are super easy to use even on the fly. Once set, they stay in place, and I've had no issues with them coming undone in the middle of a ride.

The Summit Jersey is one of my favorite pieces. I just think it doesn't get any better than shredding in a 3-button Henley. I'm a big subtle branding guy as well, and I love that KETL gear doesn't scream KETL. On the jersey, there's just a little logo on the back right corner. I also love how the jersey's sleeves are long and the back is also longer to avoid the awful shirt coming up the back on a descent situation. We've all been there. While the jersey doesn't have any zippered pockets, I usually don't like the feeling of gear in a jersey so that didn't bother me too much.


"I might be coming off as a KETL fanboy, but their stuff is amazing! It's the best gear I've used so far, and I'm looking forward to more releases from them in the future!" - Sean

KETL Delta Short and Summit Jersey Review

May 31, 2020

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