KETL Long Sleeve Men's Jersey: Customer Review (The Coolest Jersey Out There)

In my early days of mountain biking, I didn’t put much thought into what I wore out on the trail. More specifically, my apparel. I always understood the necessity of a good chamois from my days as a roadie, but other than that I would just grab a t-shirt and hit the trails.

Ketl Long Sleeve Mens Jersey
While training for my first marathon I was learning the importance of the gear you wear to avoid chaffing, overheating, and sun exposure. I purchased a long sleeve hot weather performance shirt against my better judgment because I felt it was just hype. Come on, “performance textiles”? Really? well, after being in the blistering hot sun at a long steady pace with little airflow (due mainly to my slow speed) I was dumbfounded how well the “performance textile” kept me cool, shaded from sun exposure, and extremely comfortable! So, of course, I wore it mountain biking with and experienced the same results!

Ketl Long Sleeve Mens Jersey
I have since moved on to long sleeve MTB specific “performance textiles” because they are designed specifically for the sport with features like room for pads, strategic venting, and reinforced areas. The only downside is, most long sleeve MTB jerseys make you look like you should be racing motor cross with giant logos and obnoxious graphics! Which leads me to this great lesser known mountain bike apparel company called Ketl. They make very high-quality mountain bike specific performance apparel that you would wear around town or out on a hike! I put on my KETL Long Sleeve Men's Jersey to go mounting biking with my wife and she thought it was a regular shirt! She was so shocked how well it looked we purchased her some Ketl shorts and shirts! The jersey kept me cool, shaded, looking good and wicked away sweat. Check out Ketl’s line of MTB apparel! It is all performance, and totally chill to wear out and about! And doubles perfectly for all other outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing, etc…


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September 26, 2018

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