iSSi Thump Platform Pedals: Rider Review

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There are just a few components that can have a massive impact on the feel of your mountain bike. One of which is your choice in pedals whether it be clipless or platforms. Our friend Bryan gives us his take on the iSSi Thump Platform Composite pedals. Check it out!

iSSi Thump Pedals Rider Review


I purchased these pedals due to the balance of low cost and great reviews from several sources. I have always been a dedicated clipless rider, but was intrigued at seeing the other side of the debate over clipless vs flats. So, being completely new to platform pedals, I did not want to break the bank, but I also need decent gear that will truly be the comparable equivalent to my clipless setup. The iSSi Thump Composite pedals seemed to fit this balance, so I purchased and installed them. Right away, I learned that I needed a decent pair of shoes, so I went with Five Ten Freeriders. This combination opened my eyes. I have been riding for longer than I'd like to admit. Suffice it to say that the last time I rode "flats" was when I was also attaching clips to the pedals.

I am older now, and clipless seems to be hurting my knees, hence the change to platform pedals. Not only did it alleviate my knee pain (there is a lot more free mobility on a flat pedal) but these pedals grip amazingly well. So much that my European style clipless pedal bunny hop was still intact after changing to the flats. After a couple weeks of riding, I have decided never to switch back to clipless. I have easily learned the American bunny hop now, and am easily clearing 20 in when practicing in the driveway. On the trail they are extremely comfortable. I love being able to kick my leg out to weigh into a tight corner.

The iSSi pedals themselves are amazing too. They are very durable, and the composite material makes them the same weight as my clipless pedals were. I like the slight concave structure. They connect my feet to the bike very confidently. I am an XC rider, and when riding clean single track, I find them to be just as confident as my clipless. I feel very connected to the bike, even after the first ride after years of riding clipless.

iSSi thump platform pedals

It should be noted for anyone just switching from clipless to platform pedals that the pins are sharp. Being used to clipless, I find that I was a bit too "easy going" with pushing my bike about with my legs against the pedals when I was stopped. That has led to some nicks and scrapes. But I must say, none of the scrapes were caused from me slipping off the pedal while on the trail. Just be aware that the pins are there.

All in all, I do highly recommend this product, and I really think that it was worth the extra bit of cash to get the replaceable pin version (as I did). I am sure the all plastic flats are good too, but I really think that the benefits of steel replaceable pins are worth the extra bit of coin to have. Anyhow. Consider me converted to flats from now on. I really like the freedom. I find they have just as much control as clipless, and I believe they are introducing me to new riding techniques.

Final Thoughts

If you're on the fence about this pedal, it's my opinion that you get them. Just make sure you pair them with a proper biking shoe, and you will be all set.

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July 01, 2020

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