Deity Racepoint 35 Handlebar: Rider Review

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Mountain bike handlebars are a key component of any build. The different materials, lengths, and diameters all play a role in determining how comfortable you feel while riding. Our customer Kevin was well aware of this when he purchased his Deity Racepoint 35 handlebars. Check out his review to learn why he went with Deity!

Deity Racepoint Handlebar review


When it comes to handlebars, details are a important key to make a bike feel and look good. Deity does a awesome job with everything from packaging, graphics, and craftsmanship. You can tell they really put thought into their products resulting in quantity parts. I started riding on a ANVL handlebar which had a fun 7 degree backsweep and 6 degree upsweep. Initially, it was the perfect bar positioning your body in a jumping mode but after a left wrist injury i was back on the market. I first thing was looks on a bar and more backsweep to fix my wrist problem. Deity had it on point providing good looking handlebars and the specifications I was looking for.

When I was doing research I came across different 9 degree backsweep options. In my honest opinion it is hard to find 35mm bar clamp bars with nice graphics and sizes. Deity did a great job providing multiple rises on their Racepoint 35mm clamp bars. I just love the look of curves on bars so the 38mm rise was my choice. With the 5 degree upsweep i also felt more relaxed on my soldiers. The ANVL bar made me feel in attack/ jump mode all the time. Upon arriving i noticed there graphics where glossy and not cheaply printed like other bars. What caught my attention was the textured black ano finish on the bars. It provides a rough enough surface for a good bite keeping the bars from ever slipping on your stem. Installation was easy and they even took the time to add 3 alignment lines which make it super easy to get your correct roll over on your bars. These bars also have excellent cutting points making it easy to dial in your width.

Deity Racepoint handlebars

Fist Impressions

Generally 35mm bars are stiff and don’t forgive on rocky sections but these felt like they had a small amount of flex making it even more wrist relaxing. I was able to put thirteen miles on my first day riding these bars and by the end of the day i had no issues with my wrist! Didn’t get a lot air time but in the roots and rocks my wrist was happy.

Final Thoughts

My wrist definitely felt in a more relaxed position which gave me more confidence on the inclines. If your in the market for some dope looking bars and have bad wrist or in general want a good riding position, buy them now. I believe 35mm bars are a good thickness giing any bike that aggressive look. You might think still that 35mm bars are too stiff, but I am serious when I say these bars still flex. The color options that Deity offers are great making easy to color match any build. I got that turquoise for the yeti color match. If your looking to match your fox suspension, the orange Deity offers is dead on. Also the price on these bars are budget friendly. Anything under one hundred is always puts a smile on your face, so click that add to cart and ride with deity. Feel the wrist position that will make you want to fly. Shred Deity and turn heads Peace!

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June 30, 2020

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