Industry Nine Hydra Enduro S Wheelset [Rider Review]

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Very few wheel and hub manufacturers can go toe to toe with Industry Nine. Their craftsmanship and flat out sexy products just work well time after time. Our customer Zac was on the hunt for a new wheelset and decided on the Industry Nine Hydra Enduro S. Read on to hear what he had to say!

Industry Nine enduro s hydra wheelset review


Carbon is expensive! When a carbon component bites the dust, it feels like a huge punch in the gut. A few months ago, my carbon wheelset took a big hit. I did not feel like taking the same big hit to my bank account. This began my search for a new aluminum wheelset. Although I loved my carbon wheels, I was looking for something that would give me a different riding experience and something that did not make me cringe every time a rock bounced off the rim.


After a few months of research, I purchased a set of Industry Nine Hydra Enduro S wheels from Worldwide Cyclery. These beautiful black anodized wheels with laser-etched logos are manufactured and hand-built in the United States. The rims come in a 30.5mm inner width. This seems to follow the standard these days, plus 30.5mm is a sweet spot for my personal riding style. The wheelset comes equipped with rim tape and valve stems making them more convenient to set up and install. I fit them with Maxxis tires front and rear (tubeless). The tires fit like a glove, with no issues setting the tire bead. The I9 Hydra Enduro S wheels come equipped with Industry Nine’s Hydra hubs. The hydra hub 690 points of engagement every 0.52 degrees results in an amazing climbing experience. This freehub still produces the distinctive high pitch buzzing that stands out on the trails, but quieter than my old DT Swiss 240 freehub.

Industry Nine enduro s hydra wheelset review

Ride Experience

Industry Nine Hydra Enduro S wheels made my transition from carbon to aluminum wheelset seamless.

My first impressions on the trail were amazing. I was surprised how stiff these wheels felt for being aluminum. They hold their line well, but still have enough compliance to create great vibration dampening.

They provide remarkable control in long rough descents, yet yield less arm and hand fatigue than compared to my previous carbon wheels. The combination of compliance and stiffness in the I9 Hydra Enduro S wheels produced a comfortable and quality ride. These wheels allow just enough forgiveness for a smooth ride allowing your bike to hug the terrain. The Hydra hub instant engagement makes me feel very connected to the bike. This allows for incredible control and efficient pedaling power on technical climbs. I have taken them through rock gardens, creek crossings, snow, mud, and seven-mile descents. As for durability, after riding them for two months, there have been no scratches, dents, or broken spokes.


Carbon wheels have a distinct and special feel to them. The Industry Nine Hydra Enduro S wheels are the closest feeling alloy wheelset to carbon I have ridden. These alloy wheels may be a bit heavier and may not accelerate quite like carbon wheels, but the ability to hug the terrain, have impressive vibration dampening, and still have excellent stiffness outweigh those other aspects. In my opinion, after only a few rides, the small differences in weight and acceleration compared to carbon wheels became obsolete. In addition, with the 690 P.O.E. Hydra hub and a price tag less than carbon, the Industry Nine Hydra Enduro S wheels are a great bang for the buck. I was worried switching to aluminum wheels would be a downgrade, but the I9 Hydra Enduro S wheels have proven different. They are a fantastic addition to my carbon bike.

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May 13, 2021

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