Industry Nine Hydra Enduro S Wheelset: Rider Review

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Industry Nine wheels have been the benchmark for years when it comes to quality, durability and performance. Their latest series of wheels are no exception. Our friend Enrique recently upgraded his wheels and gave us his impression below. Check it out! 


My name is Enrique Flores, I am fairly new to mountain biking this being my second season riding mountain bikes here in Delaware. Since I started I automatically fell in love with the amount of adrenaline that riding MTBs can give you “mostly downhills” but not so much on the climbing part of the sport. I began reading and mostly watching YouTube videos from Worldwide Cyclery and one video in particular caught my eyes and that was the one about Industry Nine wheel sets. Mainly their hubs and their engagement but mostly about the unique sound that they make. The video describes in detail about the 690 points of engagement and the whole Hydra mechanism and how it improves your pedaling while climbing. That is something I was really looking forward to improving in my riding since it is what I am weaker at and the way that it is described in the video made a lot of sense to me.

Industry Nine Hydra Enduro S Wheelset: Rider Review


I looked at the prices of a fully custom wheel set with the hydra hubs and it was way out of my price range. I also looked into upgrading the current wheel set on my 2019 Santa Cruz Bronson with the Hydra hubs but it was still going to be pretty expensive. Eventually Worldwide Cyclery came out with another video that specifically targeted wheel sets under $1000 which to me was a very reasonable price. They mentioned the wheel sets that came with the 1/1 hubs and the Enduro S with the Hydras. Even though I really liked the price point at which these wheel sets sell for I was still a little skeptical about purchasing them. Luckily for me they came out with a sale in the beginning of April and I was able to use the code provided for me and got a great discount.

Industry Nine Hydra Enduro S Wheelset: Rider Review

Installation and Performance 

I received the wheel set a week after I ordered it, installed it the same day and started riding. I didn’t notice a big difference right away because I was riding in my neighborhood mainly the street and you know that is not the right place to test these beautifully crafted wheels. The sound though was exactly what I expecting and I love how they sound. I have since taken my Bronson out on about 4-6 rides in my local trails and I am very impressed at how much climbing has improved. I can clear sections that I would struggle with in the past just by having those 690 points of engagement and not losing any pedal strokes to a lack of engagement in the hubs.

Final Thoughts

I would highly recommend these wheels to anybody that is looking to upgrade something in their MTB. It is by far the best upgrade I have done to my Bronson. Happy riding to all. 

Industry Nine Hydra Enduro S Wheelset: Rider Review

October 09, 2020

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