Fox 34 Step-Cast Factory Fork: Rider Review

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If you want to upgrade your mountain bike there are few things that will have as much of an impact as the suspension. Upgrading the front suspension or fork on your bike can drastically change the way it feels and performs. One of our valued customers shares their thoughts on the Fox 34 Step-Cast Factory Fork. Check it out!

Fox 34 Step-Cast Factory Fork Rider Review


I bought this Fox 34 Step-Cast Factory Fork fork for my Santa Cruz Chameleon C hard-tail bike with a single-speed setup! Previously I had a 51mm offset fork on this bike but I wanted to have the right offset fork since Santa Cruz designed the frame around the 44mm rake! I also got the glossy black lower color. I like it more than the matt finish bc I think it’s easier to clean it and keeps away muds better! I also wanted to have the two-position remote lockout feature so when I stand up pedaling I would loose power by bobbing the fork!

Fox 34 Step-Cast Factory Fork Rider Review

After a month of riding this Fox fork didn’t disappoint! I got what I wanted! I was amazed at the quality of the ride even without have the fork fine-tuned!
I am a bigger guy (190lbs) mostly riding aggressively! Doing all kinds of terrain fast-flowing flat courses and rugged rocky trails such a Pisgah National Forest! Often racing XC XXC and doing types of rides! Some of them Gnarly! My favorite trails are Kitsuma and Heartbreak Ridge! I chose this fork bc it’s great in any of this style of rides! I am not a weight weenie but the weight of the fork very comparable to smaller 32mm forks! Stiffness is excellent! I do not notice much flex at all which is important because flexing could undermine the performance of the fork/bike. The Fit4 dumper is very easy to tune! I usually set myself on halfway! The ride quality of the fork thanks for the Kashima coat is also great! I have to put it out there I always retune my fork before every ride according to the terrain and temperatures!

Fox 34 Step-Cast Factory Fork Rider Review


The installation of the fork was easy! I like the fact Fox included extra cables for the remote control! Also came with full instructions and extra air volume spacers! Maintenance and cleaning are also very trouble-free!


  • Light
  • Stiff
  • Smooth operation
  • Easy setup
  • Great lockout feel (doesn’t totally lockout but it’s enough and it doesn’t affect climbing)
  • Easy to maintain


  • Pricey (but IMO it’s worth every dime)
  • Remote is made of plastic. Haven’t broken one yet but I wonder how would it take a crash..but this is just speculation!

Final Thoughts

I recommend to heavier riders who do a little bit of every kind of rides and loves quality products!

Fox 34 Step-Cast Factory Fork Rider Review

October 08, 2020

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