Industry Nine Enduro 305 Wheels: Customer Review

In this review, one of our customers takes on Dupont State Forest on his new Industry Nine Enduro 305 wheels. The Enduro 305 wheelset is Industry Nine's most popular model, and for good reason. The Enduro 305 is so well rounded that it can be found on so many different bikes for different uses; trail bikes, downhill rigs, and even dirt jumpers. Read more to see how these one of a kind wheels do on the trail!

Industry Nine Enduro 305 Wheelset Customer Review


2015 Stumpy FSR Expert Carbon 29er. Went with stock wheels for nearly two years. Occasionally broke a spoke (I'm 6'3" and 185 pounds). I finally got tired of them being a bit too noodly and started looking at other options. Considered going carbon but wasn't willing to pay the price to get quality wheels that would hold up.

The search then turned to which aluminum option would provide more stiffness and durability. On the recommendation of a friend, I started looking a Industry Nine and the Enduro 305 wheels in particular. They seemed to be well reviewed and had the specs I was looking for: 32 holes front and back (my OEM wheels were 24/28), at least 30 mm internal width, about the same weight as my current wheels AND the Industry Nine insane amount of engagement. So I pulled the trigger.

Industry Nine Enduro 305 Wheelset Customer Review


As I unboxed them, I KNEW the stats that showed they were of similar weight had to be wrong. The 305s were so much burlier/stiffer/stronger and I couldn't believe that the weights were that close, but they were. I've since realized that the aluminum spokes have a lot to do with this. Installing them on the bike was a breeze. Cassette threaded on easily and setting them up tubeless (they came with rim tape already in place) was simple.

Performance and Final Thoughts

Riding them for the last month or so was just as I expected after getting them out of the box. They get up to speed quickly, are stiff and predictable, and have that Industry Nine signature engagement. Given that these are American made up the road in Asheville, NC, I had to include a couple of photos from DuPont State Forest just south of Brevard. Amazing place to ride year round. Highly recommend the wheels, DuPont and Worldwide!

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June 10, 2018

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