Hope Tech 4 V4 Disc Brakes [Rider Review]

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Hope's components are known for their high quality machining and tight tolerances. Their brakes are just that, very high quality machined brakes with incredible power and modulation. It's hard to find someone who doesn't like them! See what our customer thinks who has been running them!

Hope Tech 4 V4 Disc Brakes


In the realm of ebikes, where the thrill of the trail meets the challenge of controlling a mechanical beast hurtling down single tracks, one rider found himself facing a daunting dilemma: brakes. Not just any brakes, mind you, but brakes sturdy enough to tame the sheer force of a Turbo Levo coupled with the weight of a Clydesdale rider.

At first, the rider, a connoisseur of the trail and a seasoned enthusiast, thought the SRAM Code R brakes would suffice. Yet, as the rubber met the dirt, doubts crept in like shadows in the twilight. The braking power felt lacking, almost inadequate, especially on those precarious downhill stretches where confidence wavered like a flickering flame.

With each ride came a revelation, a realization that stock components could only do so much. Thus began the quest for enhancement, a journey through the labyrinth of brake options, a quest for the holy grail of stopping power.

Rotors were swapped, sizes increased—220mm in the front, 203mm in the rear—a boost in potential, but still, the yearning for assurance persisted. Next came the pads, the golden promise of MTX pads offered solace, diminishing the specter of brake fade on those treacherous descents.

Yet, the seeker sought more, turning to the oracle of YouTube, scouring videos for enlightenment. Magura, TRP, and Hope emerged as contenders in the arena of braking prowess. Each brand vying for attention, each promising liberation from the grip of uncertainty.

Magura's MT7 beckoned, offering solidity, yet the bleed process whispered tales of complexity, a dance with uncertainty. Thus, the focus shifted to TRP and Hope, the latter a beacon of familiarity and trust, a stalwart in the realm of cycling lore.

Hope Tech 4 V4 Disc Brakes

With Hope V4 brakes in hand, the rider's heart quickened as the box was opened, revealing machined perfection, levers sculpted with purpose. Installation was a breeze, a symphony of precision as lines were cut and parts exchanged.

The bleed process, a ritual of renewal, was a testament to Hope's engineering brilliance, a chorus of simplicity in a world fraught with complexity. And so, with front and rear mounted, the moment of truth arrived—a descent down the familiar trails, a baptism by fire.

The sensation was transformative, a revelation etched in the annals of riding history. The brakes, an extension of will and determination, transformed the Turbo Levo from a freight train into a nimble beast, a Porsche GT3RS navigating the twists and turns of the Nürburgring.

500 miles later, the magic remained undimmed, a testament to Hope's enduring quality. With each trail conquered, each smile earned, the rider knew: these brakes were more than mere components—they were guardians of exhilaration, custodians of joy.

And so, as the sun sets on another ride, gratitude fills the heart—a heartfelt thank you to the crew at Worldwide Cyclery, stewards of adventure, purveyors of possibility. And to the podcast, a beacon of inspiration, guiding riders to new horizons.

Final Thoughts

In the saga of brakes and trails, one truth remains: the journey is as thrilling as the destination, and with Hope V4 brakes leading the charge, the adventure never ends.

 Hope Tech 4 V4 Disc Brakes

February 21, 2024

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