Hope F20 Platform Pedal [Rider Review]

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Like many things in the mountain bike world, pedals come down to personal preference. Flats or clipless, whatever you decide make sure you are comfortable on them! In this review, our customer Julio gives his thoughts on the Hope F20 platform pedal. Check it out! 

Hope F20 Platform Pedal Rider Review


The Hope F20 pedals have been my favorites for a long long time now. This is in fact my 5th pair and have them installed on all of my bikes. It all starts from opening the package, they are truly a piece of art, you can observe the beautiful CNC machinery work with the classic lines of the mill popping out making you think "oh yeah". They initial feel is very robust but also a little heavier than your normal platform pedal which is something to consider if you are looking into shaving grams, something I'm not as I ride bikes with very low bottom brackets and I'm always smashing them hard to the rocks and so on I find on the trails. They are designed to have 10 pins installed per side but you can also install less if you wish depending the type of grip you want to get. There is also a hex key included to do get the job done, which I think is pretty cool as the key will most likely be destroyed at the end of it (if you want to tight them well).

Also, there are spare pins included and now I have a bunch of them just in case one gets damaged during the ride.

The design of the pin is really nice as you install them from the back, opposite to the contact area of the pin, meaning that if you bend one or something you will always be able to uninstall it without cracking your head while doing it, a very nice touch from Hope no doubt.

On the contact area of the pin there is a little perforation that I just realized what it is meant for, when the contact zone gets touched by the rubber of your shoes they get filled with that rubber for a way deeper grip, a category in which this pedals are king, and I have had other high end pedals from other brands such as Deity and Chromag.

Hope F20 Platform Pedal Rider Review

On Trail Performance

Out on the trail where it counts, these pedals in my opinion are the best in resistance and grip, I have a pair which is 3 years old and has been through hell and beyond smashing rocks, roots and my legs as well, and they keep going without cracks or anything. In terms of look they are also very nice as they come in several anodized colors, I own a pair of blue, red, purple and aluminum and they all look rad. Servicing the bearing is not so easy as with the race face atlas for example, but if you have the right tools you can do it. I have done it only on my first pair of Hope pedals which has 3 years of enduro racing on them, not a thing to worry much about as is highly probable that you will get a new set after a couple of years just for the fresh looks.

Final Thoughts

I give this product 10/10 as they perform accordingly to the high price tag. They feel super grippy, they are super durable and they look super cool too, so stoked on this product.

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June 02, 2021

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