G-Form Pro-X2 Elbow Pads and G-Form Pro-X Knee Pad: Rider Review

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Whether you are a weekend warrior or a pro rider staying injury free is a big component to having a great riding season. A great way to keep yourself injury-free is by riding with the right protective gear. Modern-day pads have become sleek and way more comfortable to ride in than the bulky options of the past. Read on as our friend Michael tells us about his selection to stay safe out on the trails.

The Search:

After watching Jeff's video "MTB Knee Pads - Our Top 5 Picks!" I decided to get some elbow and knee pads. I mostly ride trails and enduro so I opted for something more pedal-friendly and less downhill. That led me to buy G-Form Pro X2 pads.


I did some online research and some people said they run small so I ordered XL in both pads. After getting them the elbows fit ok and I expect they will loosen up after a few wash cycles. The knee pads were too tight and I could barely get them over my knee. I returned them and as much as I wanted to get them from Worldwide Cyclery, I had to order the XXL directly from the company. They have a comfortable grippy inside band top and bottom to help them stay in place. The main body is stretchy and very breathable.

G-Form Pro-X2 Elbow Pads and G-Form Pro-X Knee Pad Rider Review

Final Thoughts:

The knee pads are tall enough to meet and cover the bottom edge of my Zoic liner shorts. I've worn them on quite a few rides and I forget they are there every time. They are comfortable, breathable, and definitely pedal-friendly. A good price for a great product.

November 09, 2019

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