FOX Transfer SL Dropper Seatpost [Rider Review]

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The dropper seatpost was one of the best inventions since bread. XC bikes that demand the lightest parts are even sacrificing the weight. However, to fill those needs, Fox offers the Transfer in a SL version. Our customer has it on their XC bike. See what they think!

FOX Transfer SL


To give some context I’m an XC nerd. I prioritize the climbs, ride a hardtail, and wear Lycra while riding off road; the whole package(pun intended).

Still reading? It goes without saying that being a weight weenie comes along with it. So the Fox Transfer SL fits the bill. It’s impressively light. I’m also a new dropper post user having only ridden cyclocross bikes for off-road rides for the last 20 years. Yes, I’m that old. During the pandemic I decided to treat myself to a new ride so I built up a 29” hardtail. Worldwide Cyclery was essential during the scavenger hunt that it was buying parts during that time. My first dropper had the standard infinite adjustment to the drop and I never lowered it to the max 150mm it came with. I just don’t ride the descents that aggressively and keep the wheels on the ground for the most part. Still, using the dropper had obvious advantages and I was a quick convert.

FOX Transfer SL

The infinite adjustment on my first dropper didn’t work for me though. For the descents I’d like my post just a bit lower than full length so it’d be out of the way and I could still pedal while seated. Once I found this sweet spot for the saddle height I would be hesitant to raise or lower the post again which negated one of the main features of a dropper, raising and lowering the seat as needed.

So, the Transfer SL with a mere 75mm of travel is just what I needed. It’s either up or down in the same place every time. Just what I needed and I now raise and lower my post at will! For me, just 75mm is enough to have it out of the way.

It’s natural to be concerned that when one lowers it that it won’t be down far enough to engage the latching mechanism and the post will just come right back up. That hasn’t happened once. It operates so smoothly that I really don’t think about it. Once the lever is pushed it goes down much more easily than an air sprung post. On the return it comes up quickly but not with the life altering force I’ve read about in some reviews. Still exercise caution, you can’t be too careful with these things…er those things.

Now here’s the bad. It’s very sensitive to torque on the seat binder and will seize up if it’s too tight. My post fit perfectly in my frame and I have a nice collar but anything more than 3.3 Nm and mine won’t return. That’s not very tight but fortunately I haven’t experienced any movement. If you require a lot of torque to get your seatpost to stay put then this one may not be for you.

Final Thoughts

Also, there’s some movement with the post extended. Side to side is normal for droppers but this one has a little from back to front as well. Hey, it’s advertised and the lightest so if it’s a little flimsy what can you expect? It’s not noticeable while riding and as long as you don’t grab the seat and move it around it’s not noticeable when you’re not riding.

Does this post make me faster? No, not at all.

Does it make me feel faster? It certainly does and, friends, that’s what really matters.

 FOX Transfer SL

August 10, 2023

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