Fox Transfer Performance Dropper Post [Rider Review]

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In the modern era of mountain bikes your rig isn't complete without a dropper post. Whatever your reasoning for getting one it's hard to imagine riding without one once you have it. One of our valued customers Duran walks us through his experience with the Fox Transfer Performance Dropper Post. Check it out!  

Fox Transfer Performance Dropper Post Rider Review


It was time for a new dropper post, my current dropper had excessive rotational play from the beginning of its life and recently developed fore and aft movement. I ride an extra-large bike and have an inseam of 36.5 inches so I knew I wanted to go up in travel for my new dropper post. With so many options on the market and extreme variance in price and travel, it was hard to know where to begin. So I did what I always do, turned to Jeff and the guys at World Wide Cyclery via YouTube for insight. They had great things to say about the Fox Transfer Dropper Performance seat post and coming from a Jeep enthusiast background, I've always thought highly of Fox Suspension. The Fox reputation and the recommendation from World Wide Cyclery combined to help me make my decision. The added bonus was that the new 2021 revision of the post came out recently and who doesn't want the latest and greatest.

Fox Transfer Performance Dropper Post Rider Review

This makes for ease of reinstallation or adjustment without having to use a tape measure to get to the proper height.

I made my purchase of the 2021 Fox Transfer dropper post 31.6mmx175 mm in October of 2020. The guys at World Wide Cyclery processed and shipped my order quickly and I was installing the post within just a few days. The first thing I noticed was how robust the post was compared to other droppers I have dealt with. At 6'3" 210lbs, I can put down some power on the pedals and need a good platform to drive from. This Fox post was the answer. Installation was straight forward and having the cable terminate at the dropper lever made setup painless. T-R-A-N-S-F-E-R is imprinted down the length of the seat post which gives a point of reference when adjusting the saddle height. It is a nice touch because I'm very particular about the cockpit and seat height measurements and adjustments.

Fox Transfer Performance Dropper Post Rider Review
First ride impressions were that the dropper post felt sturdy under seated pedaling power with minimal rotational play. The actuation of the post was smooth. 175mm of the drop was just the right amount of drop for my taste, getting the seat well out of my way. The return was quick, but not concerning if you know what I mean. The terrain in my area is a lot of short steep descents followed by a short steep climb, which means I use my dropper post probably more than most in a given ride. The post was there when I needed to pedal and out of the way when I wanted to play. There was no concern of is it all the way up or when I get back on the saddle is it going to drop. It was also nice that there are infinite points of adjustment between full extension and full drop. when I just need the saddle slightly out of the way I was able to make the adjustment necessary.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts are that the Fox Transfer Dropper is a great option. It is slightly more expensive than other posts on the market, but with that expense comes better quality. It's a set it and forget it post that want leave you frustrated on the side of the trail or constantly trying to maintain. You'll have more time to ride and less time wrenching.

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January 11, 2021

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