ENVE Composites M7 Mountain Handlebar [Rider Review]

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Enve Composites has produced some of the most noticeable and trusted carbon components in the world and we know that each and every product they produce is backed by years of abuse and experience. The notorious engineering we have seen on podiums of all disciplines can easily be used by average people like us. Our friend Luis recently upgraded to some Enve M7 Handlebars. Let's see what he thought:

Luis' Review:

The Enve M7 handlebar was my first choice based on the rise and sweep. My bike is a 2019 Yeti SB150 with the stock or factory handle carbon Yeti handlebar.

The main reason for changing out a perfectly fine handlebar was for comfort. I was getting fatigued a little more than I liked on my lower back, arms, and hands. After watching the cool and informative Worldwide Cyclery video on different bar heights, widths, materials, and handlebar flex, I knew it was time to switch it out.

Enve M7 Handlebar Review

My current setup consisted of a carbon bar with a 20mm rise, 5 degree upsweep, and 9 degree back sweep. This new Enve M7 bar is as listed with 40mm rise, 8 degree back sweep, and 4 degree upsweep/at the tips.

After the first ride, impressions were great. Arm pump or forearm fatigue is less and on some trails completely gone.

Throw almost any grips on these M7 handlebars and you will notice that your hands have a nice ergonomically set position. A great and comfortable cockpit is a must for safety and comfort for long rides and the obvious control for mountain biking. Although I can hardly feel any flex because I’m more focused on a good line down or uphill, I know the Enve M7 bar is flexing at right the moment it needs to. The handlebar will also stay stiff on turns, landings, and quick last-minute decisions we make when riding.

Enve M7 Handlebar Review

My low back fatigue is not as noticeable as before. 20mm difference from my old handlebar this Enve M7 doesn’t seem like much, but after 2 to 3 hours in the same positions or angles, the difference of 20mm handlebars can do wonders. I ride my local trails and have run the loops countless times, so comparisons with the Enve M7 against my previous handlebar is quite simple and accurate. A known trail took out that variable and allowed for a proper comparison between the handlebars. You know what sections have chunk, roots, rock gardens, etc. All the areas that fatigue your grip, and body. The Enve M7 was superbly capable of handling anything the trails offered with absolute confidence and comfort. Less fatigue and more comfort will make you a better and safer rider no doubt. Although I wasn’t smashing Strava records, I actually have managed to lower my times near the end of my loops and I’m confident it has been because of less fatigue and more strength at the end.


"Enve is one if not the most trusted company for carbon wheels, and it is apparent the company knows how to use carbon for the perfect amount of flex and stiffness needed. A comfortable cockpit is just as important as suspensions and helmets. You will be in the position for the entire time, so get that dialed in and stay confident." - Luis

ENVE M7 Handlebar Review

January 10, 2021

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