Fox Racing Ranger Gloves [Rider Review]

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In general there are two camps when it comes to wearing gloves. Most people don't mind them but having a great fitting pair of gloves can help a ride go for a bit longer. Our friend Daniel shares some thoughts on the Fox Racing Ranger Gloves. Check it out!

Fox Racing Ranger Gloves Rider Review


The Fox Racing Ranger Gloves are full finger, all-mountain bike gloves. They sport an unembellished look with one main color and accent color with the fox accent and branding on the back of the hand with another fox decal on the wrist. They are made up of nylon, polyurethane, neoprene with small portions of polyester and elastane. They come in a variety of color combinations but this pair was black with white fox accents. The Ranger gloves are priced typically around $26.

These gloves feature a durable palm and a velcro style wrist strap. The texture on the inner part of the hand does feel suitably thick and well enough constructed. They do not have a flimsy feel. Material on the thumb is supposed to be absorbing micro-suede. Perhaps to wipe the sweat off the brow throughout a grueling climb. The Fox Racing Ranger gloves include touch screen compatible thumb and index fingers; the inner middle finger is also textured, like the thumb and index finger, allowing for improved grip on the bar with one finger breaking.

Fox Racing Ranger Gloves Rider Review

These gloves were allowable for the first pair of mountain bike gloves but they did not leave me looking any further in the busiest category of accessory mtb apparel. The major drawback experienced, which ultimately led to searching for other options, was an uncomfortable rubbing from the outer seam that rests on the thumb knuckle.

Fox Racing Ranger Gloves Rider Review


These gloves are suitable if you're looking for an inexpensive, intro to a mountain biking glove.

The gloves do work decently well with phone screen compatible threads. They are also somewhat resistant. The Fox Ranger gloves do not come apart at the seams from regular use. You can pull them on tight without worrying they will rip into shreds. They do seem to run a little on the small side and are rather tight-fitting. They feel extra tight on the fingers. Additionally, the hook and loop strap doesn't do much to tighten the glove so they will need to fit snugly before the strap is tightened, which shouldn't be a problem based on the smaller end sizing. They are quite common amongst male and female riders and do offer thick enough protection. The thicker padding on the palm doesn't allow for the closest feel with the bike, but it is clear these are designed for newer members of the mountain bike community and they get the job done for this demographic. They are quite durable and can handle a fall or a slide without disintegrating.

Fox Racing Ranger Gloves Rider Review

Final Thoughts

If you have been enjoying the sport for some time already and are looking to upgrade your mountain bike glove there may be better options, but it is always advisable to keep a spare pair of gloves with your riding kit for the not so uncommon instances where the primary pair of gloves in misplaced or hanging out to dry without realizing until already geared up at the trailhead. Having an additional pair is always ideal for when you're taking a friend out for a ride when getting them into the sport and they don't have a pair of their own.

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August 24, 2021

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