Fox Proframe, Enduro Pads, & Fabric Tool: Customer Review

When the Fox Proframe initially released, customers went crazy for them. So much so that it was hard to keep them in stock. Light and breathable, the Fox Proframe is exactly what riders want when looking for an enduro full face helmet. In this review, our customer loved his so much that we bought one for his wife too! Check it out!

Fox Proframe Helmet Customer Review

Fox Proframe Overview

Fox Proframe Customer Review 1

Fox Proframe!! I can't describe how superb this helmet is!! I have purchased 3 already for my family and right off the bat, the cooling on these helmets is noticeable. I have already crashed once in mine and man did it save my mouth, it cracked a little but that's what a helmet does! Protects and serves your face!!

My wife loved the fit and style of my Fox Proframe so much that we got a white one. She pimped it out with a few decals and was stunned by how cool she was compared to her Fly helmet which just felt like a heater blasting!! Will buy again to replace my cracked one very soon. Buy this helmet if you want style and freshness. 

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Fox Enduro Launch Knee Pad Overview

Fox Launch Knee Pad Customer Review

Moving to the Fox Racing Enduro Launch knee pads...I wasn't disappointed one bit! These pads are so comfortable and not once did I feel them slipping down. I plan to buy another pair just to have extra. If u want light protection and comfort, stop looking, these will deliver that. I hate crashing and avoid it at all cost so these pads were perfect.

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Fabric Chain Splitter Mini Tool Overview

Fabric Chain Splitter Mini Tool

The Fabric Chain Splitter Mini Tool is amazing. Lacks a flat head and bigger 8mm allen but if your using an 8mm allen you probably should check your bike before riding.. the options offered on this tool work for simple things and most important fixing a snapped chain. I always need to carry this handy tool. Coupe on up!! If u want to save grams.. it will put a smile on you. Just work out those arms a little 🙂

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October 05, 2018

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