Fox 36 FIT RC2 Shiny Orange Fork: Customer Review


Are you someone who prefers having more adjustments available on your suspension? On the Fox 36 fork with the RC2 damper, there are individual high speed and low speed compression adjustments available along with low speed rebound. Here in this review, one of our customers Jean Paul goes with the 2018 Fox 36 170mm HSC/LSC Evol replacing a Fox 36 with the Fit4 damper. Check out his review!

Fox 36 Customer Review


Well now that I have had the 2018 Fox 36 170mm HSC/LSC EVOL Orange fork, I can write a comparison with my “old” 2018 Fox 36 170mm FIT4 EVOL fork.

First of all I would like to say that I really didn’t want to get the orange version of the Fox 36 as I thought it was to “attraction caller” but I really didn’t have any option as the black one was out of stock, now I can really tell the orange version looks stunning on the bike!!!

Fox 36 Fork Shiny Orange

Second, regarding the feeling of this fork, I have had no issues on my Fox 36 with the RC2 damper. It really is an upgrade compared to the FIT4 version! Once you get it all dialed and tuned correctly, you can feel how well it works all around. The EVOL + HSC/LSC adjustments makes it much more sensitive at the beginning of the travel and when passing small bumps and rocks, with a great and reworked midstroke support and also excellent at full length! It almost feels as if you get more traction and more grip everywhere! (bumps, corners, braking, rock gardens!) all this made my arms less tired. What a great product from Fox once again!

Finally, I have to add that I used my Shockwiz to get completely dialed the tune of my new fork, making things much easier and being able to get a much more “refined tune”. And obviously, all these great products were delivered perfectly by Worldwide Cyclery and their great customer service, which is one the best out there!

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March 01, 2018

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