2018 Fox Float X2 Metric Shock: Customer Review (And Comparison)


Here in this review, one of our customers decided to replace his Rockshox Super Deluxe air shock with a Fox Float X2 rear shock with the 2-pos lever. The shock is being fitted to the new Santa Cruz Nomad. The Nomad V4 is the first of Santa Cruz's bikes that features a metric length shock. Read more from Tommy to see how the Float X2 performs on the trail.

Fox Float X2 Metric Rear Shock

Performance and Set-Up

I recently picked up a 2018 Santa Cruz Nomad that came stock with a Rockshox Super Deluxe Air Shock. The shock was good but I had run a Fox X2 on my last two bikes (Transition Patrol and Santa Cruz Nomad V3) and loved how tuneable the shock was. The Rockshox Super Deluxe Air shock made the Nomad V4 feel much more like a big trail bike which was great but I felt the bike deserved more.

The Fox X2 shock came in at 553 grams at the metric 230x60 size with hardware included. The Rockshox in comparison at the same size weighed in at 440 grams. A modest weight penalty I think for a better performing shock.

Fox Float X2 Metric Shock Stock, the X2 came with three volume spacers installed and after some tuning with the Shockwiz, I settled on four. After some tweaking, the shock feels great and the Nomad is much more composed on chunky descents while still offering the trail pedaling feel of the Rockshox Superdeluxe (firm midstroke/great bump compliance). I think the X2 is great for lighter riders or Clydesdales as these are the two that are normally at the opposite ends of the factory tuning spectrum and having a tuneable shock like the X2 really allows you to setup your suspension to your riding weight and riding style.

Final Thoughts

In summary, I would recommend the Fox X2 if you aren't afraid to tinker and geek out on suspension setup or just really know how you want your suspension to feel. 

Curious what comes in the box when you purchase a Fox Float X2 rear shock? Check out our YouTube video in which we walk you through what comes with the purchase of one of these beautiful shocks.

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March 02, 2018

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