Fox 34 Factory Series 29" Boost 120mm Fork: Customer Review

In this review, one of our customers Stephen Harmon just received a Fox Float 34 Factory Series 120mm 29" fork with Boost spacing. This 120mm travel fork is replacing a 100mm travel Fox 32 Step Cast fork on a Pivot LES hardtail. See what Stephen has to say below!

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To be honest, I'm a relatively recent convert to the world of Fox suspension components. Until roughly a year ago, I've used primarily Marzocchi and Rockshox. I began noticing Fox components more and more at my local trails. Not long after I purchased a 2017 Pivot 429 Trail with a Fox Factory 34 featuring 135mm of travel. From that point on, Fox became all I would use, not only for forks but rear shocks as well. After building a Pivot Firebird utilizing Fox suspension I recently ordered the Fox 34 120mm fork I am reviewing here and built up a version 2 Pivot LES hardtail. I absolutely LOVE it.

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Initial Thoughts

Pivot spec'd a 100mm travel Fox step-cast fork for the LES but recommended this 120mm version for those who wanted something light enough for cross-country riding and/or racing with a ride quality that would be more compliant. I had ridden a LES with the 100mm version, so I could easily rather compare the two. Both are wonderful but I can't think of a better application for the 120mm Factory version than on my LES. Supple yet exceedingly responsive.

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The other thing I appreciate about Fox suspension components in general and this Fox 34 Factory 120mm fork specifically is ease of serviceability. It takes me very little time to overhaul them and they never really seem to need anything other than a good cleaning. At the end of the day, it's just comforting when the components you've chosen for your much-anticipated build stand up to the test of time and Fox's offerings really seem to do just that.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for more travel than your typical 100mm cross-country rig, I suggest you give the Fox Factory 34 29" Boost-spacing fork some worthy consideration.

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September 28, 2018

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