Evil Bicycles' New 29er The Offering (The New Sheriff in Town)

Evil Bicycle Company has always made a statement with every product they release. Time seemed to slow down with the release of the Following and Wreckoning as they revolutionized the way people looked at 29ers. With the release of the all-new Evil The Offering, we find ourselves in the same situation. Much like when the hottest girl in school made eye contact with you, we are frozen just staring back at this magnificent bike.

Evil The Offering
The Offering is described as the "sought after link between the sports car feel of EVIL Bike’s Following, and the monster truck capability of the Wreckoning" which couldn't be any truer! The Offering will feature 141mm of rear wheel travel to do just about anything you want on a bike. It will also be spec'd with a 140mm fork. Bumping the front travel up to 150mm will make the bike that much more fun, that is, if you are man enough...go uphill like an Alpine Ibex Goat or charge downhill as fast as a Pronghorn Antelope, the Offering will do it all. The Offering will be available in two build kits. The GX Eagle Kit will be $5,699 at the time of release and the X01 Eagle kit will run in at $7,399. Rear shock options will include Trunnion-mounted Metric options of the Rockshox Super Deluxe, Fox Float DPX2, or Push Industries Eleven Six.

Evil The Offering


Evil The Offering Geometry 140mm 

Evil The Offering

Evil The Offering Geo Chart

Evil The Offering
Don't you worry your pretty little head though! The Offering will not stray away from the legacy of Evil Bikes as we know it! The Offering will still feature the playful attitude we have come to love with their existing models like the Following, Wreckoning, Calling, and Insurgent. Whether you want to snap some corners or let off the brakes and sail a little, The Offering is up for the challenge.

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September 28, 2018

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