Finish Line Max Suspension Spray Lubricant [Rider Review]

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A clean bike is a happy bike. Cleaning your bike will make sure seals and bearings don't wear prematurely. Finish Line offers the MAX to help keep the seals cleaned and conditioned. Our friend has been trying it out. See what they think!!

Finish Line Max Suspension Spray Lubricant


I’ve been using Finish Line max suspension spray since late 2014. I have used it to help break in new forks and shocks. I also use it to maintain the overall performance of the suspension over its life cycle. I really grew to appreciate its performance more and more as my travel got longer over the years. Back when I first started using it I had a 100mm fork and 50mm of rear travel. Now I’m 160mm fork and 150mm in rear travel. To be truthful I have not tried any other products during this whole time. This works so well and is cost-effective is applied correctly and routinely.

This stiction-fighting stanchion lubricant helps maximizes the performance of my suspension. It will smooth out suspensions that have become dry or dirty. I have found it also restores full travel if you are seeing some sticking. I will use Max before rides to ensure maximum responsiveness over the smallest of bumps, and the longest possible travel over extreme terrain. I will spray both fork and shock prior to heading down the road. Then I will wipe it clean once I get to the trailhead. This allows it to dry and then a clean wipe clears any dust. I will also apply directly after washing – seems to help repel the water and shines up the stanchions. Note: be extremely careful that you do not get this on your brake rotors or pads. I have destroyed a set being sloppy after a long ride and had overspray. It also conditions and protects rubber seals and O-rings which improves the surface slip of coated stanchions. I have never worn out a set of seals or O-rings prior to fork or shock service. I credit this to using Max on a regular basis especially since I tend to go much longer between suspension services then recommended.

I have failed to apply prior to riding a few times and I can tell. Typically the 1st thing I will notice is the amount of dust adherence to the stanchions themselves. When you use Max and wipe it down after drying it substantially reduces dust adherence (mud as well).

This will keep you from pulling these containments through your seals and O-ring into your suspension oils.

Then normally depending on ride conditions and length I will notice a little small bump sensitivity loss. Once again if you are wiping containments off of your stanchions that will affect your suspension.

Final Thoughts

I do feel that this is very small and really not noticeable except for perfect conditions. It’s the mid to long term prevention where Max really pays off. Since you not damaging your seals, stanchions coatings, and contaminating oils that buttery new suspension feeling will just last (another tip is to soak your foam rings, etc.. in Finish Line stanchion fluoro oil at services).
Finish Line Max Suspension Spray Lubricant

January 26, 2022

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