EVOC Hip Pack Pro Hydration Pack: Rider Review

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Fanny packs aren't just a trend from the 90's, they are a way of life... All jokes aside, Hip Packs have made quite a difference in the cycling community by giving riders the opportunity to carry more essentials without lugging around a giant hydration pack on those shorter rides. Luke recently made the switch to the EVOC's Hip Pack Pro. Let's see what he thought!

Luke's Review

I’ve ridden many styles of hydration packs in the past and could never find a pack that did all the right things. A great pack shouldn’t make your back sweat like crazy. It shouldn’t shift your weight around and throw you off balance and it should be comfortable. EVOC had all of this in mind when they designed this pack. Traditional backpacks go with mountain biking like bacon and ice cream. Great alone but they just don’t work together. But this hip pack makes me feel like I’m eating the handcrafted masterpiece that is my mom’s PB&J. Ok, enough about food let’s talk mountain biking.

EVOC Hip Pack Pro Hydration Pack

The EVOC hip pack pro features plenty of storage for the average mountain biker. The outside pocket utilizes a zipper/ Velcro system that keeps all my tools in place. Inside this pocket, there are three pockets for storage and a waterproof zippered pocket on the flap which is perfect for my phone or car keys. This is where I store most of my tools and spares for all my rides. The second outer pocket utilizes two zippers to open and close it. This pocket holds your bladder and has room for other tools, personally I carry my pump in this pocket. The last two pockets are on either side of the waist belt. These are perfect for easy access tools and snacks like the Stan's dart or multi-tool and a few granola bars. This pack also has two water bottle holders along with the bladder. These are perfect for a Worldwide Cyclery water bottle and keep it very secure with a cinching strap and loop to put over the top. You can easily hold enough water for any rider on any ride with this hip pack. For short rides I’ll leave the bladder behind and take one bottle, on longer rides I’ll bring both and maybe even a second bottle for those all-day rides.


"This Hip pack is perfect for MTB because it keeps the weight low and off your back, it doesn’t cause overheating or much sweating and the weight doesn’t shift and throw you off while riding. The ventilation is insane on this pack, the large foam blocks and mesh material keeps heat low. This pack will give you extra style points on the trail and let you ride comfortable and confident knowing you're prepared for the worst and not compromising your ride. It has done everything I’ve asked for and more, I have no complaints about this product and I am very impressed. The EVOC Hip Pack Pro is very well designed and I highly recommend you go pick one up at Worldwide Cyclery and try it for yourself." - Luke

EVOC Hip Pack Pro Hydration Pack

August 19, 2020

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