Ergon GA2 Fat Grips: Customer Review

Finding the right set of grips for you is an integral part of your specific bike setup being one of the main contact points while riding. In this review, our customer Brad Harris believes the Ergon GA2 Fat Grips are a great option for those riders with larger hands. Read more below to see how Brad thinks the GA2 Fat grips perform out on the trail.

Ergon GA2 Grips Customer Review


Just like opinions, everyone that owns a bike has their favorite grip. We’ve seen them in all varied materials, colors, locking / non-locking, shapes, etc... When browsing through grips how do you know which ones will be right for you? I have felt like that you either must have monster bear paws or presidential hands; neither of which applies to me. What about us tallish Jack Skellington’s of the world long fingers, but our hands are far from bar paws?

For me the Ergon GA2 Fat Grip really hits the mark. I have been a huge fan of the ODI Rogue, so if you like the Rogue I do feel like you will love the GA2.

Ergon GA2 Grip Customer ReviewInstallation

The grips are easy to install with the one clamp and a visual reference to ensure that your grips are mounted properly with the word UP going on the top of the bars. This allows the grip zones to match the hand. You may have to adjust the grips a little to conform to your riding position.

Performance and Final Thoughts

So how do they perform? They are tacky enough that even when you are holding the bars in the rain, they don’t slip away. At the same time, they are not too tacky where you feel glued down. On long descents, the arm pump is reduced and I can tell that the grip zones allow the grips to slide a little between your fingers and grip up like a good set of tires when needed.

The GA2’s are great grips for those that don’t have presidential hands and like most Ergon products these will hold up overtime. I would recommend anyone that falls into the big or biggish hand category to give these grips a try.

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May 02, 2018

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