Employee Review: POC Tectal Helmet

With a wide range of helmets on the market today, making it into the top selection is a very hard thing to do. From looks, protection, and overall comfort, POC helmets have always stood out from the sea of helmets out there. The POC Tectal helmet is a high coverage, aggressive trail/enduro helmet offering a low weight with high ventilation and of course, the protection you would expect from the Swedish company.

POC Tectal Helmet
Occasionally, I like to try new helmets just for the sake of trying new helmets, and other times I’m forced to get a new one…OOPS! I have found that a helmet with a cage retention system that wraps around the head and tightens evenly around is really what I like to wear. POC adapted early to this style of retention system and I have always been able to find a nice snug fit. I have a smaller sized head, so the XS/SM size fits me the best. With coverage down the sides and also far on the back of the head, the Tectal provides more protection than competitors in the trail helmet category. While I thankfully haven’t tested it on the ground yet, I feel confident that I will remain safe enough to write how the impact protection works in the future. It has a perfectly sized visor, enough to block the sun and some dirt, rocks or bushes, but not so far out that you can't see the trail. The straps are light and attach to the helmet shell and stay away from the face, not getting sweaty and stiff. I have found that putting my glasses inside the straps is the most comfortable. An added little bonus is the vents on top hold my glasses on climbs or rest stops quite nicely. That’s a cool feature that I will take when I can.

POC Tectal Helmet
Offering all the features I like such as fit, comfort, and protection, the POC Tectal is a great trail helmet with enough ventilation to keep cool. There is a color option for everyone and 3 sizes to fit all heads. I would happily grab another one when this one has had its use.

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November 28, 2017

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