Product Review: E*Thirteen TRS+ Cranks

While Sram and Shimano are the biggest players in the cycling components industry, E*Thirteen has continued to step up their game over the last couple of years introducing new innovative products with race proven performance. E*Thirteen is a small, rider-owned company with a a focus on improving rider experience through thoughtfully engineered components. E*Thirteen is most known for their chain retention systems and while remaining an industry leader in chainguides, E*Thirteen now offers a full lineup of wheels, tires, cranksets, bottom brackets, chainrings, cassettes, and dropper posts. Be sure to check out our full E*Thirteen collection. Here we are going to be riding the E*Thirteen TRS+ cranks, the same cranksets ridden by Neko Mulally, Aaron Gwin, and Mick Hannah on their trail bikes!

E*Thirteen TRS+ Cranks Review - Worldwide Cyclery


  • Crankarms - Aluminum w/ aluminum APS adjuster, Quick Connect™ Lockring. 170, 175mm. 
  • Spindle Material - Aluminum w/ 1 degree P3 Connect Interface
  • Chain Rings (Sold Separately) - Quick Connect Guidering M in 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 tooth options
  • Bottom Bracket (Sold Separately) - 68/73mm BSA, PF30, BB30, BB92
  • Features -Forged and machined aluminum w/ Quick Connect™ Lockring and Aluminum (APS), compatible with Quick Connect™ dual width Guiderings, crankarm and chainring/BB removal tool included
  • Color - Black
  • Weight - 596g / 610g (w/32T SL Ring)

E*Thirteen provides a 5 year warranty after the original purchase that guarantees their cranks free from any defects in materials or workmanship. They also offer a 1 year warranty on all of the bearings used in any of their products 

The 170mm length TRS+ cranks here are paired with a 34 tooth E*Thirteen Quick Connect Guidering M. The Quick Connect system is a very simple, lightweight, and minimalistic approach to a direct mount chainring. In the back, the 34 tooth chainring drives an E*Thirteen TRS Race 9-46 tooth 11 speed cassette with a 511% gear range. That's massive!

E*Thirteen TRS+ Cranks Review - Worldwide Cyclery

Riding and Performance 

After riding the E*Thirteen TRS+ cranks for 8 months or so, it is time to sit down and see how they performed.


  • The simplicity in both function and looks of a direct mount chainring is very appealing to us at the shop. The E*Thirteen Quick Connect system certainly checks that box. The E*Thirteen direct mount M Guiderings are lightweight, stiff, and use a narrow-wide tooth profile to keep the chain in place. The Quick Connect lockring that holds the chainring to the back of the crank arm uses the same tool as E*Thirteen's bottom bracket tool. This installation and removal tool comes included with the cranks. Installing the 34 tooth chainring was a piece of cake and we are impressed with the Quick Connect design. 
  • With plenty of carbon crank options available, a few of those crank options lack some durability. That is not the case with the TRS+ crankset. They are not the lightest cranks on the market but they will hold up to more abuse than you could ever put them through

E*Thirteen TRS+ Cranks Review - Worldwide Cyclery


  • The latest TRS+ cranks don't use an integrated removal bolt. A crank arm removal tool designed specifically for these cranks is provided but still feels a bit skimpy. We had a little bit of a tough time getting the cranks off even with the removal tool provided. We would recommend using a healthy amount of grease when installing the non drive side crank on to the spindle. E*Thirteen provides step by step instructions for removing the cranks.

E*Thirteen TRS+ Cranks Review - Worldwide Cyclery

What's The Bottom Line?

E*Thirteen's Quick Connect direct mount chainring system is a simple and clean way for attaching the chainring to the crank arm. It's nice that each of E*Thirteen's cranks share the same Quick Connect design. We put a real beating on the E*Thirteen TRS+ cranks and they are still asking for more abuse. The only complaint we have with the TRS+ aluminum cranks is that it was a little tough getting the non-drive side crank arm off the spindle. Grease is your friend.

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January 19, 2018

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