E*thirteen TRS+ 9-46t cassette: Customer Review

With the advent of mountain bike 1x drivetrain systems, it's getting harder to defend the need for 2x or even 3x drivetrains. If you already have a SRAM 11-speed setup but aren't ready to move up to an Eagle drivetrain there is another option to get a bit more gear range. E*tirteen has come up with an easy fix for a gear jump from a 10-42t to a 9-46t cassette. One of our valued customers Rich Langford gives his take on the e*thirteen TRS+ cassette

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This is a review of the e*thirteen TRS+ 9-46t cassette that I recently installed on my 2016 Santa Cruz Hightower 29c with a SRAM GX 10-42 drivetrain. The GX drivetrain has impressed me with its smooth shifting and maintenance-free performance, but I wanted to add additional range. Before making this purchase, I debated between the 12-speed Eagle and the 9-46 tooth TRS+ cassettes. After a great deal of research, I decided to purchase the e*thirteen cassette.

e*thirteen TRS+ cassette

I received the cassette quickly and was excited to install it. My mechanical skills are somewhat limited but I found the paper instructions to be fairly simple. After the cassette was installed, I did have to adjust my b-tension screw to account for the larger 46t cog. My first several rides with the new cassette went as I expected based on the reviews I read. The smoothness in shifting is downgraded when compared to the GX and the range is obviously greater. For me, this compromise has been worth it.

e*thirteen trs+ cassette

Final Thoughts

I initially had problems on several occasions when making multiple shifts into the larger cogs, causing me to grind to a halt. As I continue using this cassette, it appears the shifting mishaps have been greatly reduced but not eliminated. In general, the greater range has been a pleasant addition and helps get me up the hills a little faster. I have noticed a big difference on longer rides as the greater range allows me to have more energy toward the back end of the ride.

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September 11, 2018

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