DT Swiss EX 471 Tubeless-Ready Disc Rim [Rider Review]

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If there is one mountain bike component that takes the most abuse it is the rims. Whether they need to be replaced or you just want a different internal width, the rims are a great foundation to a strong wheel. In this review, our customer Kevin shares his thoughts on the DT Swiss EX 471 Tubeless-Ready Disc Rim. Check it out!

DT Swiss EX 471 Tubeless-Ready Disc Rim Rider Review


I come from a car background of getting sideways drifting on my Nissan Silvia. What I mostly enjoyed was building my car to the exact specs I wanted to make it do what I needed. More angle, tunable suspension, and balanced weight. Then my beautiful little girl came along and it was time to go back to my BMX roots which are still active! After building cars, building bikes became my new hobby. If I'm not shredding I'm at home building. Throughout the 3 years that I have been riding and building, I have tried several different rims.

From DT Swiss, e*thirteen, and Mavic. Every rim design has its strengths and weaknesses. These 3 brands seem to always have pretty high-end material and specs. I have ridden all 3 brands and I have not been disappointed, but after a few builds in and re-selling, my YT Capra is my do it all bike that does not get neglected. It was time though for some new shoes. My 1st thought was E13, but DT Swiss was calling my name. The quality of the DT Swiss EX 471 Tubeless-Ready Disc Rim is amazing! The welds and holes all look very precise. Sometimes you get rough stops after drilling a rim but everything is smooth straight from the box. The rim finished is great too. Anodized black is cool but this textured flat black gives your bike a little bit of a different taste that makes it pop, not a wheelie but for the ladies lol.

DT Swiss EX 471 Tubeless-Ready Disc Rim Rider Review

Ok, the first thing that caught my attention about this rim was the weight. Damn, they are strong for the weight claimed.

Like I said before, usually there cons and pros but DT Swiss just nailed it on this rim. Especially going to a 28h, so light I wouldn’t recommend buying carbon. EX 471 comes at a 25mm width which isn’t bad at all. For climbing and pretty much cross country downhill, these rims hold up just fine. I run Schwalbe 2.35 tires that fit perfectly and provide enough traction. I have had a few hits on rocks, worried I stopped but to my surprise, the rim was solid!! Decals on these rims are simple and clean. They may not be the thickest material but I can’t really complain as rocks don’t care about your rim. I have been on this rim for a month and I'm currently on the waiting list to buy 2 more, maybe 3 for a backup. Unless you want a wider rim, I highly recommend this. Price is fair for what you get. Again I would buy DT Swiss rims over carbon just because the weight is competitive and craftsmanship is respected. I'm not against carbon, but not everyone likes carbon prices. All in all the EX 471 is an awesome choice that can handle anything. I mean look at Aaron Gwin, if it survived metal to ground contact, I really don’t know what else to say. The rim should have exploded but the scientist at DT Swiss added some spice making that rim bulletproof.

DT Swiss EX 471 Tubeless-Ready Disc Rim Rider Review

Final Thoughts

So if you're in the market for some new shoes, just DT Swiss and ride without a tire. You'll see what I'm talking about. Click that add to cart and experience the ride with DT Swiss. Peace!

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December 08, 2020

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