DMR Deathgrip Grips: Rider Review

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When it comes to choosing grips for your mountain bike, its easy to get lost in the sea of options, after waiting out top 5 grips video Juan was able to make his choice. Going with the DMR Death Grip, Juan noticed he had more control and comfort while riding. Plus he was able to get the Death Grips in a color that made his bike stand out. Let's see what Juan has to say about his DMR Death Grips. 

Juan's Review:

More than 30 years ago, did some small jumps here and there but that’s about it, and now here in SoCal and 5 miles from the beach all I really did was ride a beach cruiser (I still do) and a long board. But the past couple of years I would see a group of guys from work ride during lunch and they just looked like a cool MTB gang (or nerd gang whatever) So after asking them for some advice and letting them know my budget they pointed me to some bikes and I decided to get myself a mountain bike for X-mas. 

DMR Death Grip Camo
I mentioned I’m new, so new and on a limited budget, I bought an entry level bike, with entry level or stock accessories. I started riding and noticed their bikes, like the pedals and grips matching and other stuff. So I figured, I have a cheap bike, so why can’t I make my bike stand out with a few items. Hey, I might not ride good, but at least I can look semi-good with some cool accessories.

So I started to search on Youtube for best grips, and I stumbled to this channel (yeah Worldwide Cyclery) that had their top 5 picks. There they had ergon which I almost went for, and other grips. But the one that caught my attention was the DMR Brendog Death Grip, I mean that name alone “Death Grip” had me, then the crazy guy making the videos (I think he owns WWC) really sold me on them. My bike had a hint of yellow/green color, so the camo grip that I got will really stand out. As he said, the grip looks good and for my lack of experience, it also feels good. The design of the grip allows me to have great grips in control of my bike, while also remaining comfortable on the longer rides. the inside pattern is raised and soft, when gripping hard on the bars as I do I often will get sore in the inside of my palms and this hasn't happened once I put on the DMR Death Grip on my bike. Also, the waffle pattern on the bottom of the grip allow my fingers to get a better grip while I don't have to hold on as hard. Both of these have allowed me to have a better ride, just from changing my grips!

DMR Death Grip Camo

Worldwide Cyclery's YouTube Channel:

I also wanted to make the ride a bit more comfortable, so I figured that maybe a saddle would help there. I know the bike has a lot to do with it but I can’t afford or justify a new bike yet, so I opted for a saddle. So I again searched on Worldwide’s channel for saddle reviews and bingo they had a review on WTB saddles. That video introduction tho! “Do you have two cheeks and often place those cheeks on a saddle while riding a two-wheel machine” Hahahaha. But in all seriousness that review was pretty good especially for a newbie, I was able to find the saddle that is right for me and my style of riding. Okay, I really don’t have a style of riding yet but I was able to find the one WTB suggested. I went back to Worldwide’s site located the Volt saddle that WTB said was my match and boom placed my order.

Final Thoughts:

Ordering from Worldwide Cyclery has been awesome! They offer free delivery, F yeah! Oh and when I created the account I got a pretty cool welcome e-mail, not to mention the order confirmation e-mail, those videos are pretty cool.

Now, I know this was probably not a good review, but because I only have a little more than 3 months riding MTB’s all I can say is that the DMR Death Grips look good and are comfortable, I have less hand pain and more control while riding. To me noticing that much difference just from a pair of grips is really crazy. 

 DMR Death Grip Camo

May 14, 2020

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