Deity DC31 Mohawk Handlebar: Rider Review

Searching for the perfect set of handlebars to top off your bike? Deity has plenty of options available for you, just check out their DC31 Mohawk handlebars! We think they look awesome on our customers bike. Check out Richards review to learn more!

Deity DC31 MoHawk Handlebars Review


Here's short version "Bars Matter", these bars are fantastically stiff and look sweet on my Scott.

I want to start this review by admitting that up until now I really did not believe that paying the price for top shelf handlebars was necessary. I never applied my "Buy the best and you never have to upgrade" rule to mtb bars. In the past I just found some upper or middle of the line bar on clearance or heavily discounted, always decent but not the top of the food chain.

Deity DC31 MoHawk Handlebars Rider Review
I figured why spend a bunch of dollars on bars, all they do is hold the brake levers, shifters and grips, right? that way you have more for the important parts like drivetrain, wheels, saddle, seat post etc...

First Ride Impressions

After the first ride I realized what a difference super stiff high quality carbon bars can make. On steep climbs you can feel the stiffness of these Deity bars, it really helps with control when climbing and when you have to pull your wheel over a root, rock, or rut. With the rise and sweep of this model I decided not to cut them, and I was happy with the comfort. I thought going from 720 flat bar to 787 would be too much but as I mentioned they are comfortable uncut. Ride'em before you cut'em.

Final Thoughts

I got the other goodies from WWC as well like the K-Edge out front garmin mount, and Wolfs Tooth dropper remote. Nice stuff, thanks guys.

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November 30, 2018

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