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Spring 2017 Deity totally revamped their entire product line, from top to bottom. Now with a full lineup of premium products, Deity Components covers all of your controls. They carry more than just handlebars and stems, now with seats, seatposts, grips, and pedals. Here in this product review, we are testing the Deity Components Compound Pedals. The Compound pedals are Deity's entry level pedal offering but Deity still says they are packed with unbelievable performance. Let's see how they do on the trail!

Deity Compound Pedals Review - Worldwide Cyclery

Pedal Specifications

  • Lightweight injection molded nylon fiber composite pedal body.
  • 6 bottom loaded replaceable chromoly traction pins per side. 
  • The Compound pedals are fully serviceable, with a DU bushing and completely sealed bearing system.
  • Replaceable chromoly pedal spindle.
  • The Nylon fiber body does not crack like other polycarbonate pedals and will glance off of rocks and roots with pedal strikes on the trail. 
  • Suitable for all types of riding.
  • Available in Black, Orange, Green, Red, Light Blue, White, and Purple.
  • Weight: 339 grams (pair)

The Deity Compound pedals start at a pocket friendly price and still peg the question, when are these pedals going to give up? They nylon fiber body is designed plain and simple to perform hassle free for as long as you let them. Deity says there durability will surprise you. Let's see if they are right!

Riding And Performance 

I mounted the Compound pedals to my Santa Cruz Hightower and went for some for some quick laps in Pisgah National Forest in Brevard, North Carolina. I don't usually ride flat pedals on my trail bike, but after a few rides, I felt right at home. On my way home, I hopped on our local slalom track and found some fun little dirt jumps as well. Even though this was a short term test (riding the Deity Compound pedals for about a week), it didn't take too long to see where the pedals excelled and where they didn't. 

Deity Compound Pedals


  • The Compound pedals are cheap! When it comes to a fully serviceable pedal with replaceable pins and respectable performance, you can't beat the price.
  • I was impressed by the grip as well. Compared to other nylon composite pedals out there around this price point, like the Race Face Chester pedals, the Deity Compound pedals provide more traction than them all. Pair the Compound pedals with a sticky flat shoe from FiveTen and they will work just fine for you.
  • The Compound pedals are available in 7 different color options. Pick your favorite. 
  • My favorite part about riding the Compound pedals is that they are truly designed for punishment. I'm not scared to scuff or scratch them. They aren't some $150 pair of pedals you don't even want to set your bike on the pavement with. I found myself riding these pedals as hard as I could because it just didn't matter. The Compound pedals were able to take the abuse no problem. Pretty impressive.  


  • The only negative to the Deity Compound pedals is that they don't give you the most grip possible. I have ridden other pedals, like the Deity TMAC pedal for example, that provide more grip, and that didn't surprise me. That being said, the Compound pedals are still so versatile and I'm thinking I will throw them on my hardtail next. 

What's The Bottom Line?

The Deity Compound pedals do the job just right. Yes they are "plastic", but they come at a great price and are packed with value. These pedals provide enough grip to be ridden out on your local trails, skatepark, dirt jumps, and even around town. They have a thin profile while still maintaining a slightly concave shape with enough freedom to adjust your feet when you need to. The nylon fiber composite will glance off of rocks without leaving behind a cracked or twisted pedal. The Compound pedals do the job they set out to do, be a solid all around pedal at a killer price. That being said, when the downhill bike comes out, I am going to grab the Deity TMAC signature pedals!  

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November 03, 2017

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