Customer Review: Switching from a 2x to 1x XTR Drivetrain

This Review was written by Ken Carroll. Ken decided to make the move to a 1x drivetrain and found himself choosing the Shimano XTR drivetrain. Here is what he had to say about the switch.


Stopping the Leap from 2x and going 1x, XTR Style:

In 2016, I was in a fortunate position to upgrade to my dream mountain bike. The debate to go 1x or 2x was won and lost with the safe decision of a 2x XTR group. A full season of riding included multiple trips to the bike shop to tune the derailleur position, replace the chain, and ultimately replace the 11t cog on the Cassette. After many searches for 1x conversions, Worldwide Cyclery was my go-to source to make the leap to 1x. The steps to remove the XTR crank are well documented. The steps and instructions included to leverage the single crank bolt and cap set are light at best. It took an hour of playing around and feeling that something was not right before I found the included spacers in the XTR envelope. This helped get everything lined up on the crank end of things. I put the chain on, started going through the gears and learned that 1x makes sounds and 2x hardly makes any. 


I decided it would be best if I packed up my half-install and took the bike to a professional. They diagnosed that my bottom bracket could be moved in a bit to reduce, not eliminate, the chain noise when in the top climbing gear. The mechanics were impressed that the XTR setup did not toss the chain when back-peddling in the climbing gear. So at the end of the day I am pleased with the upgrade to a 1x11 setup. Freeing the bike from the front derailleur has been liberating. Finding the strength in my legs to push up the same hills with a larger front ring is building confidence. My Strava times are improving. The chain noise in the climbing gear reminds me to shift down quickly. If I had to do it over again I would certainly go with 1x and I would spend time comparing the sounds between brands.


August 08, 2017

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