Customer Review: Fox Float DPS Rear Shock

Fox has this shock completely dialed for 2017. I think it’s their best shock yet for its intended purpose of xc and trail riding. Its extra plush when called upon, but also pleasantly firm for overall excellent pedaling performance. I am very impressed with the adjustability of this shock. Each setting changed is very noticeable in how the shock performs.


With a little patience one can tune this shock to exactly how you want it to feel. The Big EVO can assures you that your ride will be packed with DH flavor when called upon. It was very exciting to feel this on track.

The Kashi is very smooth and quite supple. I recommend the EVO can upgrade because I feel it makes a noticeable difference in the quality of the ride. This shock doesn’t really remind me of Fox’s past offerings. Fox hit the nail on the head with the Float DPS rear shock Factory!

I've ridden plenty of other manufacturers rear shocks and I must say this 2017 specimen is ‘best of breed’ for XC and Trail riding. I compared this shock to many others out there and you really can’t beat it for several reasons. The Fox quality is reason #1. The ease of purchase and post-sales support and parts is reason# 2.

Fox’s customer service is top notch. I have this mounted on my Santa Cruz 5010 and I couldn't ask for more.  I highly recommend this 2017 shock for all of your adventures. Kudos to Worldwide Cyclery for quick shipment and availability!


Shock Hardware:

I recently bought this kit to mount a new Fox Float DPS Rear Shock on my Santa Cruz 5010. Installation was an absolute breeze. The hardware slid right into the shock and everything bolted down nice and tight with no play! This kit appears to be an improvement over previous Fox mounting hardware kits I have used as the hardware is lighter and also includes o-rings to keep moisture out. I think they nailed it in 2017,

I suspect that the durability of this kit is going to be very good! I highly recommend this Fox rear Shock mounting hardware to anyone in the market for one. I have tried other manufacturers Shock Mounting hardware but I am more impressed with this version designed specifically for the Fox rear shock application.


August 07, 2017

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