Customer Review: Stan's Race Sealant

Stans Race Sealant

Keeping air in your tires can sometimes seem like an endless battle. For Christopher Martinez, he believes in Stans Race sealant to do the job. Let's see what Christopher thinks about how the race sealant compares to other products out there and how the Stans S1 Flow wheels hold up.

Since using the Stan's race sealant, it would be very difficult for me to go back to Stans normal sealant. Through my experience, it does a far better job at sealing holes than Stans normal sealant. I even put a small slit in my sidewall while riding in Telluride Colorado and the Stan's race sealant was able to keep me rolling. I don't believe other sealants would've got the job done.

On the down side, you cannot leave the race sealant rolling around in your tires quite as long as you can other sealants. It's very thick and heavy and dries out a little quicker. But from a racers point of view, I just want to avoid flats. So I'm not going through so much sealant, I've started practing/daily riding on tubes and I will set up tubeless with racing sealant for race weekends. Practice on tubes also helps keeps me disciplined to ride smoother and work on finesse just a little bit. It also keeps me from riding over my head to much just when practicing.

As for the Stans Flow S1, no complaints so far. I bought this wheel to run as a backup but ended up racing it at round three of the Scott Enduro Cup in Sun Valley, ID and the rim worked flawlessly! Still true and no flats spots. I may be racing Stans alloy wheels permanently in the future. This mid level rear wheels earned my trust!

Stans Race Sealant

September 18, 2017

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