Customer Review: Sram XO1 Eagle Drivetrain

In this review, our customer Doug Jones rides Sram's XO1 Eagle Drivetrain on his Pivot fat bike. The XO1 Eagle kit offers excellent performance and certainly gives the XX1 Eagle group set a run for its money. Let's read what Doug's experience has been with his new drivetrain!

SRAM X01 Drivetrain

I purchased the Eagle Drivetrain from Worldwide Cyclery for my Pivot LES Fat one week prior to the 2017 Leadville Stage Race. Being from Florida, a 1 x 11 was always sufficient to climb the stoutest of ant piles we call hills, but I was concerned I'd be putting too much power down to survive the real mountains of Colorado. My LBS installed the Eagle Drivetrain (consisting of cassette, shifter, rear derailleur and chain) one day prior to my departure, so it's first real test was climbing Saint Kevins on the Leadville course.

Wow! Best decision I've made/best money spent on a MTB/Fatty upgrade! Shifting was smooth and concise - even with high loads during climbs. But the thing I liked (loved) most was both the 50 tooth for the really steep climbs and the 10 tooth for the really fast descents. I was able to spin fairly effortlessly up the 20+ degree inclines and continue pedaling at 28+ MPH on the down hills (I ran a 34 tooth chain ring).

I had a blast riding the Stage Race! I'm convinced it would not have been near as much fun had I stayed with my 1 x 11. So how did I do? 2nd Fat Tire bike overall! OK, full disclaimer, there were only two of us, so technically I was also last...but I'm a glass 1/2 full guy. More importantly, I qualified for the 2018 Leadville 100 MTB Race! If you happen to be at that race, look for the old guy on the Fatty with a big smile on his face - that's me.

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September 16, 2017

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