Customer Review: Quarq Shockwiz Suspension Tuner

For those looking to get more performance out of your suspension, the Quarq Shockwiz might be the ticket. In this review, our customer Jacob Tucker talks us through his experiences using the Shockwiz and how his new suspension setup is much more controlled and supple.

Quarq Shockwiz

I recently purchased a Quarq Shockwiz to tune the suspension on my Santa Cruz Hightower. Two things contributed to this. First, I am far from the world's greatest suspension guru. The second is that I replaced the rear shock with a Fox Float X2 which has six total adjustments, far more than I could ever hope to isolate by simple feel, but enough background let's get to the topic at hand, the Quarq Shockwiz.

Quarq Shockwiz

This little widget is remarkably easy to set up and has some great how to videos available from Quarq to help if you get stuck. Simply choose which suspension component you would like to tune, zip tie it into place, select the hose that best fits the application, long or short hose, download the accompanying smartphone app, and begin the calibration process. The calibration process is easy to execute and has great videos as well. Simply give the end of the bike that the Shockwiz is on a sharp rap on the floor, open the app, click connect and pair to your device. You're now ready to begin calibrating. One tip is to make sure there is a little bit of air in the chamber of the component as the Shockwiz does not like it if the pressure falls into the negative range during calibration. (An air chamber at 0psi when fully compressed will drop into negative pressure when fully extended.) Once you are all set up and calibrated you're ready to ride and reap the benefits of your new toy.

Quarq Shockwiz

The Shockwiz completely demystified the art of suspension tuning for me. I thought that my rear suspension was set up optimally and was the best I had ever ridden. Wrong, one ride with the Shockwiz and there were multiple and some major tweaks to make.

What a difference those made, the rear was both more supple and more controlled when airborne. Further rides and very minor suggested tweaks later and it feels even better. The ride is amazingly plush over rock gardens, no harsh bottom outs on 6' drops and great pop off of jumps. Yes, the Float X2 is an amazing shock but the difference the Shockwiz has made since my first ride on it to now is unbelievable as it has just made it that much better.  I usually take screenshots of my results and put a date on them for reference points in the future.

The company is also actively making the product better. In the time I have had mine, the rebound setting has changed from a single criteria to both high speed and low speed rebound settings. There have also been new statistics added around tracking how long your jumps average, your longest jump, and total air time that session which are fun to review.

Quarq Shockwiz

Some tuning tips. First, follow the order that Quarq recommends as air pressure will change the other attributes so a change there before air pressure is dialed in will probably need to be redone. Second, ride a large variety of terrain. All suspension is a compromise but if you check the app often for suggestions you will notice a pattern and will arrive at that optimum compromise.

All in all this has been one of the highest return on investment purchases I have made for cycling. It has enabled the average person to get their suspension setup and dialed like the bike manufacturer and suspension company intended. I'll never own another bike with suspension that I have not tuned via the Shockwiz.

Quarq Shockwiz

September 01, 2017

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