7 Protection Flex Knee Pads Review

For those who aren't familiar with 7 Protection, they specialize in high end mountain bike protection. With everything from joint protection, helmets, chest and back protection, to gloves, 7iDP covers it all. They are known for their innovative design, durability, quality and comfort. Here in this review, we are taking a closer look at the 7iDP Flex Knee Pad. The Flex Knee is a mid weight pad designed to be used for all types of riding and is Steve Peat's favorite!

7 Protection Flex Knee Pad Review - Worldwide Cyclery

Getting Geared Up With The 7iDP Flex Knee Pads

Double Protection

  • The Flex Knee uses a combination of foam and hard cap protection, all wrapped together in a tough fabric to create a comfortable and durable knee pad.

  • The shape of the knee pad is pre-formed to fit comfortably in a bent knee riding position. 

Center and Upper Calf Strap

  • The Flex knee doesn't move up or down while riding because of the main strap above the knee. 7 calls it a center strap because it wraps around the leg from both sides to keep the pad from sliding from one side of your leg to the other

  • A second strap located on the upper calf locks the bottom portion of the pad in place. If the knee pad is the correct size for you, you could go without this strap at all

Open Back Design

  • The open back design helps the pad breathe well and not feel too hot. No one likes bulky feeling sweaty knee pads. The open back design keeps that from happening. It also helps things not feel bunched up when bending your knee!

Price: $69.99
Weight: 435 grams per side


7 Protection Flex Knee Pads Review - Worldwide Cyclery

The Good And The Bad

  • The Flex Knee Pads are my go to pads when I need something with serious protection. I have been riding and racing downhill in these pads over the last year and I feel very safe riding in them. This may sound funny to some people but other hard shell pads I have worn in the past end up scratching both sides of the top tube on my bike. I don't have to worry about that with the Flex knee's soft fabric liner.

  • I am never really someone who has liked wearing knee pads while trail riding. That being said, there have been plenty of times where I strap the Flex knee pads to the outside of my pack, climb up to some of my favorite descents, throw the pads on quickly, and rip down. If you are up for it, these pads can be pedaled in all day! That is something pretty special considering they can take a beating. 

  • The best part about the Flex Knee Pad is you get the comfort of a soft foam pad with the ultimate protection of a hard shell. It's the best of both worlds for a mid weight pad with great protection. 

  • One of the few drawbacks I have with the Flex knee is the upper calf strap. I could completely do without these straps and the pad would stay up just fine. I am wearing a size medium and the tight fit keeps these pads right where they are supposed to be. I may just clip off those straps with some scissors. 

  • While the outer fabric of the pad seems very durable, I have managed to put a whole in the material. I was impressed that everything on the inside of the pad remained intact and kept my knee safe because I took a major slam in these pads. 

What's the Bottom Line?

I think these pads are a hit! They fit comfortably on your knees, don't move or slide down, and offer great impact protection. The don't get too hot or sweaty and dry out quickly after a wash. Even though I managed to put a small whole in the outer material, these pads have saved my knees more than a few times. What else can you ask for? 

7 Protection Flex Knee Pads Review - Worldwide Cyclery

Racing the Pan American Championships in the 7iDP Flex Knee Pads

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August 31, 2017

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