Customer Review: Park BBT-90.3 Press Fit Bottom Bracket Bearing Tool Set

Park Tool Press Fit Bottom Bracket Tool
Park Tool was established in 1963, after its founders Art and Howard built a bicycle stand from a variety of bizarre parts that included a shell casing, a Ford truck axle, and legs from a dining room table. (Anyone remember Rube Goldberg??) Schwinn Bicycle Company got their eyes on this crazy contraption and asked where they could buy their own. The Park Tool Company was born. The legendary company started from humble beginnings and today employs over 60 people that occupy an 80,000 square foot, custom-built facility. From the first bicycle stand in 1963, their current catalog boasts over 400 products, with new additions annually.

Park’s BBT-90.3 Press Fit Bottom Bracket tool set is designed to facilitate the removal and installation of bearing assemblies and bearings into press fit bottom brackets. The BBT-90.3 tool is designed to with the following bottom bracket standards: BB90, BB92, Shimano/SRAM/GXP/Race Face press fit. In addition, it also works with BB30/PF30, BB71, BB86, and BB95 press fit bottom brackets/shells. The tool is supplied with two bushings that can be used with Park’s Bearing Press or Headset Press tools (HHP-2, HHP-3) to install press fit bearings into a bottom bracket shell.

This tool is for the removal of any press fit 24mm crank spindle bottom bracket, but it’s not intended for 30mm cranks, which require a different tool. In addition, this tool is not designed to remove headset cups because the 24mm inside diameter of this bottom bracket tool’s cup is much smaller than headset cups.

Removal of bottom bracket:

  • Insert its narrow end into your bottom bracket until the prongs on the opposite end click into place behind the bearings/race
  • Support the frame from the opposite side, have someone assist you or use a work stand.
  • Gently tap the tool’s head with a hammer or hard rubber mallet (my first choice) until the    press fit bottom bracket is free on the opposite end.
  • Repeat this process on the opposite side. That’s it, simple and straightforward.

Park Tool Press Fit Bearing Tool Set

Installation of bottom bracket:

  • Clean the inside of the bottom bracket shell with a clean rag. Check for burrs. If this is a new metal frame, be sure it has been reamed and faced by a professional mechanic.
  • Then, apply a thin layer of waterproof grease along the inner rim of the bottom bracket shell. Also, apply a thin layer of grease to the outer edge of the bearing/races. If your frame is carbon fiber, be sure you are using the proper grease.
  • Hold the installation bushings against the bearings/race on one or both sides of the  press  fit bottom bracket shell. (You can install one side at a time, or if you feel confident, install both sides simultaneously.)
  • Once the bushings and bearing/races are aligned on each side of the shell, slide the Park HHP-2 or HHP-3’s shaft thru the assemblies. Be certain the round plate is placed on the end of the Park tool nearest the handles before inserting the shaft thru the bottom bracket shell. (I slide a thick paper or cardboard circle, with the center removed to accommodate the diameter of the shaft from the installation press, along the shaft until it rests against the installation plates on both ends of the tool. This will prevent marring by the metal press when it contacts the metal bearing races or cups.)
  • Once everything is aligned, slide on the bottom adjustable plate, lock it into position, then slowly, and gently tighten the handle while you watch the alignment. Be sure the bearings are aligned correctly and not crooked. Continue turning the handle until the bearings/races are snug against the bottom bracket shell. Be sure there are no gaps between the bearing races and the shell.

Park Tool Press Fit Bottom Bracket Tool

Some individuals forewarn against using this tool on a 30mm spindle-opening bottom bracket, but if you are confident using a smaller diameter installation tool, it works fine. Tap one side gently, and then the other side versus tapping all sides at once with a larger diameter tool. Follow whatever technique you are most comfortable using. Now go ride your bike.

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Park Tool Pressfit Bottom Bracket Tool

November 30, 2017

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