Customer Review of Fox Float X2 Rear Shock for Specialized Enduro

This review was written by one of our customers, Anthony Oddo. Anthony rides a 2016 Specialized Enduro Expert and was looking to make a rear shock upgrade. Luckily for him, he chose to go with one of the best on the market, the Fox Float X2 rear shock. Check out what he had to say!

Fox Float X2 Rear Shock Review Specialized Enduro

The Ohlins shock that came stock on my bike was mediocre at best. The size of the shock was wimpy, the adjustments were limited, and the seals leaked air ride after ride. After blowing out a seal last May from riding “too hard” apparently, I had to wait for Ohlins to rebuild the shock and put a new seal in it. This 2 month process had me frustrated and angry with the Ohlins rear shock. After reviewing many options for a new rear shock on my 2016 Specialized Enduro Expert, I decided from friends and local bike shops that the new Fox X2 was the way to go. Not only did the new Fox X2 have many adjustments for high/low speed rebound and compression, but there was a climb switch! This magical switch saves enduro riders like myself to endure the painful climbs on a 160mm travel bike. Sure, the Ohlins had an auto-sag feature (that never felt like quite the right psi for me), but the Fox had a more progressive stroke with the ability to ride my enduro like a downhill bike.

Fox Float X2 Rear Shock Review

After researching every store in my area and every bike shop online, I stumbled across They had the best price on the shock that I had ever seen….period! With great phone customer service and fast shipping times, I received my new shock within 24 hours of ordering. Stoked was an understatement. I put the shock on and followed Fox’s simplistic manual to setting up the shock for the average rider.

After taking it out on the trail for the first time, I felt a world of difference compared to the Ohlins shock. Every small braking bump or rain rut felt non-existent with the Fox. Big drops and hammering into turns felt easier than ever. This shock made it feel like I had taken my bike to a mechanic for professional suspension setup. 1 click here and 1 click there depending on the terrain, and this shock has been nothing but perfect for myself. I am a 21 year old college student that rides for a collegiate team and consider myself an expert on a mountain bike. You don’t really know how a new product feels on your bike until you run it for a ride or two. After my first ride, I knew instantly that the switch to the Fox X2 was much needed for stability and control while trail riding.

With awesome prices and inventory of the special sizing for the Enduro, I was very pleased with I highly recommend using this website and the friendly staff for buying products and considering their opinions when making a big purchase such as a bike shock.

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October 20, 2016

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