Customer Review: Michelin Force AM Tire

Alongside the Wild AM tire, Michelin also released the Force AM tire. We had a good friend/customer of ours, Ben Hagle try them out and he sent over this review for us to share based on his experiences on the tire. Let's take a look at what he thought!

Michelin Force AM Tire

Michelin Force AM Tire Review 

I don't usually go shopping for a rear tire.  But these days it’s more common to find rear specific tires that do the job better than others. Sidewall stiffness/compliance, overall grip, rolling speed, and traction during out of the saddle climbing are things I look for in a good tire. 

First impression rolling out of the parking lot on Encinal road toward backbone trail (Encinal - Latigo section) was that the tire rolled very well and felt light and fast at the pedal. The trail starts with a downhill right off the bat into rollers and climbing up to the tunnel at Kanan Rd. In that short time I encountered high speed corners with loose/hardpack/and leftover moisture in the shade. The side knobs do an impressive job of holding traction in corners where you’re off the brakes. On the brakes sliding and pivoting the tire never slipped or slid without my input.

Michelin Force AM Tire

Judging the tire by looks is deceiving. The angled center knobs scream speed but not so much straight line stopping power - this isn't the case. It stops in a hurry. Then the shoulder knobs seem few and far between with not much in the way over transition/roll over knobs - not to worry. Those side knobs do their job. A very predictable edge.

We rode over 14 miles on the backbone trail from Encinal rd to Latigo Cyn Rd and had fast descending, long climbs, tech climbs, and plenty of sharps rocks to bounce off of. Ran it at 20 psi tubeless and came away very impressed with the Michelin Force AM tires.

Note: Tires have been on for about 3 months now and I rode on Romero Canyon/ San Ysidro Trail/ Cold Springs Trail.  Simi Valley, Sullivan Ridge / Cabellero Cyn, Sycamore and Wildwood. Not a single issue and the Michelin Force AM tire is now my new go next time I need some new meats on the back end.

Michelin Force AM Tire

October 10, 2017

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