Customer Review: DT Swiss 350 Rear Hub

In this customer review, check out what one of our customers thinks about the DT Swiss 350 rear hub. The rear hub is a piece of the bike you wouldn't think but can drastically change your riding experience. With quicker engagement, the DT Swiss 350 rear hub will have you challenging more technical climbs and rolling faster on the descents. 


Riding the last couple of weeks with the new DT Swiss 350 rear hub installed has been amazing. I have been riding MTB for several years and there seems to be a general understanding that quality rear hubs have to be loud, because that means you have more pawls and quicker engagement. After riding on the 350 hub, I can say that theory is completely false. This hub is quiet, smooth and has quick engagement. While comparing this hub to the stock hub that came on my bike is not really fair, the difference is huge. It has really made my rides more enjoyable.

Customer Review: DT Swiss 350 Rear Hub - Worldwide Cyclery
The two main reasons I purchased the DT Swiss 350 hub were price and quality. Quality hubs are not cheap, in-fact, there were many times I thought I should just buy a whole new wheel-set instead of replacing the hub. However, when I read the reviews, this hub had the same internal parts as the more expensive DT Swiss 240 hub. The only difference was the outer-body on the 350 was slightly heavier. Being that I am around 190 pounds, I was pretty sure there were other places to save weight. The lower price on the 350 just meant I had more money to spend on additional quality parts from Worldwide Cyclery. As for quality, people say Swiss watches are the best and DT Swiss carries on that tradition and quality in a MTB hub.

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May 24, 2017

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