Customer Review: 100% Speedcraft LL Glasses

In this review, one of our customers hangs up his Oakley Jawbreaker glasses and goes with a new pair of 100% Speedcraft LL glasses. With plenty of adjustability, frame color options, along with different lens options, the glasses from 100% ooze with style. Let's see how they did on the trail!

100% Speedcraft LL Glasses

I recently purchased a pair of 100% Speedcraft LL glasses after having a difficult time finding someone who had inventory with a good price. After a Google search, I came across an ad for Worldwide Cyclery. I was using Oakley Jawbreakers for the last 3 years and they were great, but got caught up in the idea of trying something new. The 100% Speedcrafts have been growing in popularity, which drew my attention towards finding out what they were all about. I wanted to know what lens options I could invest in as well as what frame colorways I would be able to choose from. I wrote into customer service and asked some questions. To my surprise, I got an email back within an hour which answered all my questions.

100% Speedcraft LL Glasses

I ended up taking a chance on the 100% Speedcraft LL (Long lenses) in white and orange. Got them delivered quickly and was super excited to rip into the box and check them out. They are pure class with great styling and top shelf quality. They came with the extra nose piece, much like Oakley's which helps push the lens further away from the face if needed.  Went on my first ride with them and was very impressed. The contact points of the arms and nose are a very soft rubber. This is a nice difference when comparing them to the Oakley Jawbreaker. I found that these stay in place throughout my ride, whereas my Oakley’s needed an adjustment every so often. The ventilation was good with little to no fogging up, even when coming to stops. The lens coverage was great with no blind spots, so my peripheral view was never compromised. I liked them so much that I have sold a pair of my jawbreakers and will end up purchasing another pair of 100%!

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October 15, 2017

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