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In this review, one of our customers gives us an in depth review on the KS eTen R dropper post. From start to finish, the KS eTen dropper post is a reliable option at a fair price. Read more to see how this dropper post can make all the difference on an everyday ride!

KS Dropper

I have been riding bikes for 20 plus years now, and seen many trends come and go. After an injury, I was forced to stop riding, and actually took a break from the sport for several years. Upon my return, I heard of this thing called the Dropper Post, and was insulted for not knowing how to use one! Ugh the outrage!  So like any obsessed mountain biker would do, I went to YouTube to watch videos and learn about it, instead of risking my pride asking what this moving seat thing could really do for me. From what people said, it was like you could become a pro trials rider just from using a seatpost. Needless to say, I thought this was a load of bull, but man was I wrong!

Fast forward some time, I purchased a 2017 Cannondale Cujo Hardtail Plus tire bike, which did not come with a dropper post. The guys in my bike shop told me if I rode with one, I would never want to ride again without a I decided to buy a cheap post and give it a try. From reviews online, I narrowed it to the KS eTen R 100mm dropper or the X-Fusion HiLo 100mm Remote dropper post. My bike, like many old style frames, has a 27.2 seat tube diameter, which makes finding a dropper post very very hard! I am sure the 125mm Thompson dropper post is amazing, but was too expensive at the time. I did not like the dropper remote style of the Hilo, or the cheap plastic one on the KS, but the KS can be changed, so I decided on the KS eTen Dropper Post. 

KS Dropper

Along with the purchase of the dropper, I bought the KS Southpaw Remote lever and some stick on cable guides to mount the cable to my frame. I am not a bike mechanic, but this install job was a 30 minute project and was relatively easy. I measured many times before cutting the cable and took my time to make it right.  Make sure you plan the exact way you need your cable housing to be run before cutting. There are a ton of videos on YouTube to help install and adjust, which you will need because KS does not give much for an instruction manual. The way KS runs the cable thru the remote and to the dropper is very simple. There is a locknut you attach to the cable that connects the cable to the dropper post actuator head. Proper measurements are very important here. Setting the angle of the seat is slightly more annoying as there is only a single nut to tighten the seat rails to the post. I made sure to tighten this bolt very much and also lube the seat rails with carbon grip to lessen any chance of movement, and so far this has never moved even once.  Buying stick on cable guides is helpful to keep the cable from rattling, and makes for a nice pro touch.

KS Dropper Lever

After a few rides, I was completely hooked on using the dropper any time I could...its not just about going downhill like I originally thought.  Every time I go to pop over a fallen tree or log, the post goes down. When I see a nasty rock section I am going to plow thru, it gets slammed down, and the best part is when I am tearing downhill and come to a section where I need to pedal, the seat is back up high where I need it to be at the push of a lever! 

Now having close to 300 miles on this KS dropper post, I definitely feel as if I have gotten every dollars’ worth of investment out of this product.  The 100mm travel is enough for me, but I could see where the 125mm of the Thompson post would be nicer. If you need help finding the right dropper size, check out the blog on "How to choose the correct size dropper seatpost," found here. One thing to note is that this seatpost head does have a layback, meaning that your seat will be moved closer to the rear wheel from the center position. If you already have your seat adjusted all the way forward on your rails, this will be a problem for you. Either you just move the seat forward more on the rails to compensate, or you have to adjust to how the new seating position feels while pedaling. Also, keep in mind that the KS eTen seatpost has a sealed hydraulic cartridge inside and the pressures cannot be adjusted to change how fast or slow the seat post will rise.

KS Dropper

In the time this seatpost has been installed, I have not had to think about reliability at all up until the seatpost was stuck in the up position right before my last ride.  No matter how hard I tried to get it free, the post would not drop.  The next morning, I went to the garage to work on the bike, and it then functioned perfectly as if nothing had happened. This seems to be a one-time problem, but figured I would mention it. Prior to this issue, the KS eTen has functioned flawlessly and has never faltered. I have yet to service the post, but plan to using KS's own service video on YouTube. I believe a quick freshen and lube will keep this issue from occurring again.

If you are on a tight budget, have a 27.2mm seat tube diameter, or are still not sure if a dropper will improve your riding skills, the KS eTen Dropper Post is the only product you should be purchasing! The all black seat post looks just like other high dollar models with minimal compromise of features offered by those expensive droppers. Buy the KS Southpaw lever at the same time and you will have a sick Trail Riding setup for under $200. The statement, "once you ride a dropper post, you can never go back" if absolutely true!  For an entry level dropper post, the bang for buck appeal is high.  After riding my friends’ bikes with high end dropper post models, I can honestly say my KS eTen feels nearly identical. I have No Regrets after investing in this part!

Enough Typing... time to shred some dirt with my Trail Doggy!

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October 16, 2017

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