Canfield Bikes Crampon Mountain Pedal: Employee Review

Words by: Reamonn Ryan

Canfield bikes have been around for a while and although they may be best known for their extremely versatile suspension design, they also produce some of the grippiest flat pedals on the market. The Crampon pedals as they are known as are beautifully machined, thin pedals with a platform large enough for bigger shoe sizes and pins that keep you glued to the bike. I have been running the Crampon Mountain Pedals for the past 2 months and am quite impressed with the performance.

Canfield Crampon Mountain Pedal Review


  • Weight: 398g
  • Thickness: 6mm edges
  • Platform size: 106mm x 112mm
  • Bearings: Hybrid sealed bearings/DU bushing system
  • Pins: Replaceable
  • Shape: Convex
  • Available colors: Black, Polished, Lime Green, Dark Green, Blue, Turquoise, Red, Pink, Orange, Gold, Purple
  • Price: $149.99

Canfield Crampon Mountain Pedal Review

Initial Impressions:

Right off the bat, the Canfield Crampon Pedals scared me. The pins extruded very far from the pedal body and I know that if I slip a pedal without wearing any knee/shin pads, I would definitely be paying the price for it. I tried to drive the pins down to ensure that they were not too destructive to my shoes and left me enough wiggle room to maneuver my feet as needed on technical sections and jumps. Unfortunately, it seemed as though there was too much Loctite on the threads as the pins would not move. I decided to just run them as high as they came on the pedal. I was also a big fan of their color options and the quality of their anodizing. The colors are quite vibrant and hold up to the elements.

Canfield Crampon Mountain Pedal Review

Long Term Impressions:

The pedals do grip really well. They provided enough platform to keep my feet comfortable and stationary on the bike and although the pins were so high and provided a lot of grip, I was still able to remove my foot when needed on certain corners and jumps. I never felt like the pedals were too thin or doubted the integrity of their design which was a relief, even after a few bad pedal strikes. My only gripe with the design is that although the pins provide a lot of grip, I wish the pedal had a concave design to make my foot feel like it was more tucked into the pedal instead of just sitting on top of it.

Canfield Crampon Mountain Pedal Review


“In a market so saturated with really good pedal designs, Canfield does provide something worth considering as you next purchase. Their immense selection of colors can help you customize any color scheme and their design has proven to be durable and reliable no matter what you throw at it. I do recommend checking these pedals out if you are looking to spend the money on a quality flat pedal with that bling factor, although it would not be my first recommendation out of the competition.” - Reamonn

Canfield Bikes Crampon Mountain Pedals

Reamonn Ryan About The Rider

This article was written / authored by Reamonn Ryan. Reamonn has worked in the bicycle industry for 6 years now and currently runs our Instagram account along with testing products, editing video content, and writing blogs like this one you just read. Reamonn was a die hard BMX kid for over 10 years and once he started at Worldwide Cyclery made the switch to mountain bikes where he can send stuff better than most guys at the shop. If you like any of our Instagram posts or have gotten any responses from your DM's it was most likely from Reamonn, so give him a thanks. As with all of our employees, Reamonn is a key part of making Worldwide Cyclery the "Best Damn Bike Shop in the World".

June 09, 2020

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