Best of the Month! MTB Components (Ep. 10.22) [Video]

Prepare yourself for an extra spooky Best of the Month MTB Parts & Accessories! This month, we have a diverse array of products featured from brands like Raceface, Continental, SRAM, Fox, KETL & more. Boo! 

Continental Kryptotal 


Continental has recently come out swinging with their new line of tires, and they have been hitting them out of the park. A good number of World Cup Downhill racers ran their new tires last season to some seriously impressive results, and we've also had some great luck with them in our own testing. Our favorite is the Kryptotal which is their most well rounded tire and has been our best selling since bringing these new tires on board. 

RaceFace T2 Half Stack Tailgate Pad 

RaceFace Tailgate Pad

If you have a pickup truck and are sick of just tossing your bike in the bed, but don't want to get a full on tailgate pad or a bike rack, the RaceFace Half Stack might just be for you. This pad can hold two bikes securely on the back of your truck and costs much less than its full coverage brethren.

Lezyne Grip Drive HV Frame Pump SM - Black

Lezyne Pump

These days, we've been seeing a lot more people using a tried and true frame pump like this Lezyne HV frame pump over a c02 inflator and cartridges and for good reasons. First, they are friendlier to the environment due to the fact that they aren't destined for a landfill from the time they leave their respective factory. Second, they are reusable, quite unlike a c02 cartridge. Speaking of reusable, one of the best parts of a pump is that you don't need to keep replacing it after you use it - it's always ready to go instead of forgetting to replace that c02 you lent your buddy and now you're out on the trail SOL because the c02 you thought you had was actually an empty cartridge. Finally, they are roughly the same weight to carry on your bike as a couple of c02s and their accompanying chuck head. Seems like a no brainer.

Trail One Components Tubeless Valve Stem V2

Trail One Valve Stem V2

It seems like every brand in the MTB world has their own valve stems these days, however, not all of them have such thoughtful features like the Trail One V2 Tubeless Valves. Not only do these valves have a revamped design that works better with tire inserts, they also have notches on the sides of the valves so you can use tools to install them and prevent them from spinning when using a thread on pump. Not only that, but each valve stem cap has an integrated valve core remover in case you gotta get your hands dirty. Talk about getting more bang for your buck.

SRAM GX Eagle XG-1275 Cassette

SRAM GX Cassette

SRAM Eagle cassettes are a thing of beauty. We have found that the GX Cassette is popular among riders due to its price being nearly half the X01 cassette and less than half the price of an XX1 cassette. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer the same weight savings as those cassettes, however, your wallet won't suffer from the same weight savings after purchasing it. 

FOX Float X Air Spring Volume Tuning Kit for 2022 and newer Float X  

Fox Volume Spacers

A little over a year ago, Fox released the Float X rear shock which offered some big improvements over the DPX2. This new shock is great for anything from light trail to enduro riding and anything in between. With that said, you'll probably want to tune your shock to your desired preferences and your riding style. Enter the Float X Volume Spacers. These will allow you to keep that nice and supple off the top feeling and allow your shock to ramp up as you near the end of your travel. 

KETL Escapade Jackets

KETL Escapade Jacket

Looking good is one of the most important and often overlooked concepts in today's world. Thankfully, you don't need to worry about that when you're wearing the KETL Escapade Jacket. This lightweight jacket offers a plethora of thoughtful features in addition to being surprisingly stretchy and is ideal for your outdoor pursuits, a night out on the town, or kickstarting your modeling career. Now available in grey and black.

KETL Escapade Jacket

October 31, 2022

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