A Quick Look at DVO Suspension (Better Than RockShox/Fox/Cane Creek?)

Words by: Reamonn Ryan

A while ago we visited our friends over at DVO Suspension and got the full tour and rundown on their products. If you're in the market for some new suspension on your rig, you should highly consider upgrading and getting some DVO green on your bike!

DVO is a young company that is backed by years of experience in the bicycle industry. Sounds like a paradox right? Known for their flashy green forks and shock accents, this brand loves to make a statement. With some of the best riders in the world hopping on their products, you can imagine that there are big things to come from DVO.

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We had the chance to go visit DVO Suspension down in Valencia last month and the experience was completely educational. DVO is run by a group dedicated to creating the best Suspension in the game. Motivated by quality over quantity, you will not see DVO striving to be the next biggest Suspension Company in the industry.

An Inside Look at DVO Suspension

One Goal

Their goal was clear. Create suspension around the bike's design. You will see most companies create shocks with a standard tune and size that will "fit your bike" but just because it fits your bike does not mean it is helping your ride. They want the perfect ride and realized that will be achieved by creating a shock or fork that works perfectly with the bike's design. As many of you know by now they are working with a well-known company, Giant Bicycles on creating just that through their Factory Off-Road Team that will be conquering this year's EWS and DH WorldCup Circuit.

An Inside Look at DVO suspension - Shop DVO

An Inside Look at DVO Suspension - Shop DVO

The DVO Crew

Having many years of experience from working at Marzocchi and riding for years, the guys behind DVO have a good understanding of how the suspension works. You would not expect a company of this size and reputation to be doing as much as they really are being manned with such a small staff. With a very laid back yet professional work environment, these guys still manage to get the job done and have a good time.

An Inside Look at DVO Suspension - Shop DVO

An Inside Look at DVO Suspension

McGazza Forever!

Although their website is still a work in progress you can find a ton of information to help you get a perfect set up. Just about any piece of information you may need can be found in their service and tuning guides.

An Inside Look at DVO Suspension

It was clear that DVO is very similar to our company. They are not here to have the biggest company, making the most money we can selling parts as cheap as we can. Bottom line, the goal is to support people having fun on bikes. With a goal like that means keeping them on the best quality products you can.

Ride Review:

We have been lucky enough to try just about every suspension brand out there. This includes Fox Shox, Rockshox, DVO, Manitou, Marzocchi, etc.We have seen some make it and conquer the industry and we have watched others fall off the map. A quick ride on any of the products produced by these companies can give you a good idea of why some are here to stay. DVO is a brand that is here to stay. Having ridden both fork and rear shock it was clear that DVO is here to shake the Chair of those bigger companies. The fork alone took quite a beating between multiple bike park runs that resulted in over-shooting some jumps and landing flat, and also being equipped to our Evil Bikes Insurgent Demo bike. It held through all the abuse. If any of you have ridden or seen a demo bike, they can get pretty beat up! We also ran the Topaz Air and Jade Coil Rear Shock. Although switching the shocks from bike to bike didn't work out in our favor, Ronnie stuck with us and with slight adjustments to tunes, we found a perfect set up that almost every riding style each of our employees presents was completely compatible with the shock. We have had the Topaz Air on a Yeti SB5.5 ever since our visit and have not run into any issues. How cool is that? Trying to call up Rockshox or Fox to talk about tunes would be like pulling teeth!

An Inside Look at DVO Suspension

An Inside Look at DVO Suspension
Because DVO is not as big as Fox or Rockshox you would not expect them to have the technology or manpower to create the ultimate suspension but with this goal comes a hefty investment in technology and a dedicated good of individuals. The best part we could see about DVO's team being so small was seeing that you are not just a customer, you are a member of the family. They take the time to help you out and are dedicated to keeping you on the bike and having the most fun possible. Don't believe us? Keep an eye out or check them out for yourself. You will be seeing a lot more from them and they are only getting bigger. One problem with the industry is poor customer service. DVO could easily turn you down and send you to a local Bike shop but no. Ronnie, Bryson (Sr. and Jr.) and team eat sleep and breath bikes. Finding a company this dedicated and involved with their customers is almost unheard of these days.

An Inside Look at DVO Suspension

An Inside Look at DVO Suspension

An Inside Look at DVO Suspension

Our Thoughts on the Company:

DVO is here to give those name-brand companies a quick sense of fear. Although the size difference between the companies and their reputations does hold a challenge for DVO, you will see that a recent partnership with Giant Bicycles (we do not carry this brand) shows progress for the company.

Many people thought DVO would not last but a few years later they are still rolling with the times and stronger than ever. DVO has created products that are built to last and are backed by a team of riders dedicated to the riders. Yeah, the green does seem like a bit much and doesn't match your bike but when you look past the colors, the mechanical side of the product is what really matters. They realized this and have won over a large group of riders. DVO will only get bigger and we are excited to see them grow and even more excited to check future products.

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Reamonn Ryan About The Rider

This article was written / authored by Reamonn Ryan. Reamonn has worked in the bicycle industry for 6 years now and currently runs our Instagram account along with testing products, editing video content, and writing blogs like this one you just read. Reamonn was a die hard BMX kid for over 10 years and once he started at Worldwide Cyclery made the switch to mountain bikes where he can send stuff better than most guys at the shop. If you like any of our Instagram posts or have gotten any responses from your DM's it was most likely from Reamonn, so give him a thanks. As with all of our employees, Reamonn is a key part of making Worldwide Cyclery the "Best Damn Bike Shop in the World".

July 18, 2019

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